NEW! Compare Textbook Prices

Cheap Textbooks

Good news for college students. Today we launched an awesome new textbook service.

Student can now compare textbook prices on new, used, rental, and even eBooks from dozens of sites all in one place. Plus, we even show available coupons and give cash back on every purchase to ensure students get the very best price possible. The comparison tool includes all of the top sites like Amazon,, Chegg, BookRenter, and many more. All a student needs to do is enter the title, author, keyword, or ISBN number of the book they are looking for and we give them the full price breakdown including tax and shipping.

Every semester, students spend hundreds or on their books. Many just walk into the campus bookstore thinking they have the same prices as everywhere else instead of shopping around online where prices can be far cheaper. By creating an easy to use tool we have taken away the hassle of shopping around.

And be sure to check back at the end of the semester, we will have the best ways to sell books back and get a maximum return.



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