Who knows better how to eat like a local than the locals themselves? We asked our Instagram followers where we should eat when we visited their hometowns and you all did not disappoint! You jumped in and stocked us full of recommendations for burgers and tacos around the US, tons of regional and local can’t-miss restaurants and local dishes all around the world.
Check out our list below for a round-up of some of our favorites and then head over to our Insta story highlights for even more recommendations.

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USA & Canada

New York City: With no shortage of food and flavors to sample in the Big Apple, one that has to be on your list is a classic slice of NYC pizza. Prince St. Pizza in Soho and Joe’s Pizza in Midtown were two top recommendations.

Seattle: Obviously, you have to visit the Pike Place Market. But once you’re there, what do you try? (Besides everything, obviously.) Beechers Handmade Cheese and Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt are two definite must-eats.

Chicago: We got burger recommendations far and wide, everywhere from Australia to Omaha. But by far one of the most unique burger places we heard about was Au Cheval in Chicago. This hip diner has lots of burger options, including gluten-free burgers served on a bed of hashbrowns! (Plus, they have a mean brunch menu, and tons of gluten- and dairy-free options!)

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Boston: Ready for dessert? We know we are. Hit up the famous Mike’s Pastries in Boston and try one of the best cannoli’s this side of the Atlantic. (Be warned: the line is often out the door, but it moves quickly! Also, Mike’s is cash-only, so be sure to grab some change before you hop in line.)

San Diego: How many people recommended In-N-Out Burger as a California staple? Answer: a lot. If you want to eat like a local in SoCal, grab some In-N-Out. Then chow down on the super delicious and authentic tacos at almost any taco shop.

Latin & South America

All-around popular recommendations for South America? Eating like a local involves lots of plantains and seafood! Ceviche was a popular choice. You’ll find that local ceviche recipes vary by country and city, so if you like seafood, try them all! Tamales and empanadas are other popular foods you totally have to try.

Argentina: The empanadas are a must-eat. Typically filled with chicken or beef and plenty of spices, they’re an easy—and delicious!—meal to take on the go.

Columbia: Bandeja Paisa is a typical Columbian meal where a variety of foods and small dishes are served together on a giant platter. Yes, please!

Panama: A long list of recommendations came in about how to eat like a local in Panama: empanadas, ceviche, fried plantains and any fresh fruit! Have you ever pineapple straight off the bush? No? Well, it might be time to change that.

Europe + Middle East

Athens, Greece: We got so. many. recommendations for souvlaki! It’s an Athens staple—or just a staple for any visit to Greece in general. We’re told it’s best when eaten by the sea, or while strolling along through the streets, admiring the views and shrubs of plaka.


Siena, Italy: A little-known local dish? Pici al cinghiale—it’s wild boar ragu spaghetti! It may sound weird, but you can’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it, right? (And don’t forget a glass of wine!)

Tunis, Tunisia: Try a fricasse! It’s a small fried sandwich, usually stuffed with potato, tun, black olives, and spices.

Edinburgh, Scotland: Another one that may sound a little strange: haggis! It’s sheep heart, lungs, and liver minced and spiced and then traditionally served wrapped up in sheep stomach. Some people have compared the flavor to spicy oatmeal. Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, it’s a traditional Scottish dish! Plus, it’s illegal in the US, so you should definitely try it while you have the chance.

Asia & South Pacific

India: Try the butter chicken and the chicken biryani—a mixed rice dish with chicken and bell peppers. We got lots of recommendations for the biryani all across India, so this is another must-try!

Nepal: If you’re headed to Nepal, try the momo. Momo is a traditional South Asian dumpling, traditionally filled with meat. You can get them with a variety of fillings, though: meats, veggies, cheeses, you name it!

Taipei: When in Taipei, try the… stinky tofu? It’s true! Like the name suggests, it really does have a strong smell. But don’t let that stop you from sampling one of the most famous dishes in Taipei!

Antipolo, Philippines:  A can’t-miss dish in the Philippines? The Chicken Inasal (Filipino grilled chicken)—perfect for warm, summery days and beach BBQs!

What are we missing? Leave a comment below with your favorite local dishes from your own hometown!


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