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16 Recommendations to Help You Eat like a Local Anywhere

Who knows better how to eat like a local than the locals themselves? We asked our Instagram followers where we should eat when we visited their hometowns and you all did not disappoint! You jumped in and stocked us full of recommendations for burgers and tacos around the US, tons of regional and local can’t-miss restaurants and local dishes all around the world. Read More

How to Travel the US Without a Visa

Traveling to the United States was always something I wanted to do. Ever since I was little, I envisioned myself setting foot in New York City, pretending I was the kid from Home Alone. After years of day dreaming, I finally learned that I could travel the US without a visa, which changed EVERYTHING.

After months of preparation and meticulous planning, my route was all mapped out. I was set to land in New York City and would spend the next 90 days making my way around the country. Whether I was staying in hostels or couch surfing, travelling by plane or train, I was certain that this trip would be the greatest adventure of my life.

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Don't Wear a Dress to the Windy City


Chicago is called the Windy City, and I learned the hard way that it lives up to its nickname when I wore a thin, flippy dress upon my arrival and promptly showed many Chicagoans and my fellow tourists quite a bit more of myself than I had intended. I attempted to hold my dress down with one hand without losing my grip on my backpack, duffel bag and handbag, while I searched for the entrance to the underground trains (and finally found it on my third trip around the block.) Despite our rough beginnings, Chicago and I formed a fast friendship. I’ve been back multiple times, and if not for the fact that it gets far too cold for my thin Southern-bred skin, I would move there in a minute. There is no shortage of life in Chicago, and I’ve spent days just walking around the city without ever getting bored or seeing all the things I wanted to see. That said, there are a few must-sees that I have discovered. Read More