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Top 8 Best Mini Spring Break Trips in the US

The quintessential spring break trip usually involves a week of relaxing, swimming and partying by the beach. But what if you need something shorter? Whether you have studying to catch up on, are spending part of your spring break visiting family or friends or are just trying to plan a spring break on a budget, there’s no shortage of awesome mini-spring break trips you can take in just 3-4 days.

​With a mix of big cities, small towns and outdoor adventures, these spring break spots will give you plenty to do for a few days without totally overwhelming you. We’ve got ideas for short spring break trips coming right up.

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10 Best US Cities for Music Lovers

As every young musician knows, the USA has been home to many of the great musical movements of the past two centuries. If you’re a young musician on the lookout for inspiration or seeking to find their voice, these are all places you just can’t miss.

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16 Recommendations to Help You Eat like a Local Anywhere

Who knows better how to eat like a local than the locals themselves? We asked our Instagram followers where we should eat when we visited their hometowns and you all did not disappoint! You jumped in and stocked us full of recommendations for burgers and tacos around the US, tons of regional and local can’t-miss restaurants and local dishes all around the world. Read More

Seattle: 5 Must-See Destinations


As someone who ranks birds somewhere alongside Chucky and those horrifying translucent fish with bulging eyes and mile-long teeth on the creepiness scale, Seattle may not have been the best choice for a vacation. The city, while full of life and coffee shops, is full of pigeons. I spent about three-quarters of my trip ducking for cover and scuttling backwards to avoid contact with the hopping, pecking birds that seemed to follow me everywhere I went. Aside from my pigeon phobia though, Seattle rapidly climbed the charts to become one of my favorite American cities.

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