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As an online travel agency dedicated to getting student discounts on travel for over 20 years, we’ve got a lot of experience in the travel industry. And a lot of experience in getting you travel discounts, too.

But we also understand that you may have some skepticism. How can StudentUniverse be legit? What are the pros and cons of using StudentUniverse? What have user experiences been like so that I know for sure that mine will be a good one? We get it. We want you to feel confident in booking your travel with us, just as millions have before! So go ahead, keep scrolling to see what real students have to say about us

But what about your negative reviews?

As with any business, 100% of customers will never be completely satisfied. While we do our best to be fully transparent and meet the needs of every single customer, there are still times when users wish for more. But you’ll notice that the majority of the negative reviews fall into one of these categories:

Our prices are dynamic or are too expensive

We’re always working to be the cheapest online travel agency for students and young adults - and you’ll see that when you are signed in, we do have competitive pricing. Yet we are also subject to what pricing the airlines provide to us. We also hear feedback about our prices changing. Unfortunately, buying travel isn’t like buying a shirt - airlines and hotels are continuously changing the cost of different fares. If you notice a listed price change on our site, up to down, it’s because that pricing has fluctuated in the backend and we’re working to show you the latest price.

Credit card authorization

Occasionally we will ask for additional personal information in order to verify that the individual making the purchase truly has authorization from the cardholder to make the payment. We never disclose such information to any third party. We are simply working to protect our customers, as well as cardholders, from any potential cyber scams. Purchasing travel can be a big purchase so we want to guarantee that any travel purchased with us is done so properly.

Seat selection

We sometimes receive negative feedback from individuals who booked a specific seat on our site, but the seat failed to book in the end. This is due to the airline’s inventory which can change as others try to book the same seat, with us or elsewhere. When your paid seat selection is not available, we always refund the customer. Additionally, customers can call us to expedite that refund or to select a new seat that is available.

Only in USD

Currently, all of our prices are in USD. If you pay with another currency, your final price may be higher than expected due to exchange rates and/or conversion fees from your bank. Of course, if you book on our Australia site, you can pay in AUD, on our Canada site you can pay in CAD, and you can pay in GBP on our UK site.

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