Interested in different ways to travel, earn money and give back? Our partner TravelBud’s team of advisors have all taught overseas and are excited to use their first-hand experience to highlight their top 9 reasons why you should consider teaching English abroad. 

1. These are PAID opportunities!

Native English-speaking teachers are in high demand and as such the salaries are well above local averages. Many of our teachers explore the country or region they are teaching in all on a teacher’s salary. This can be a truly awesome way to keep ticking off your bucket list!

2. You’ll experience true cultural immersion

True cultural immersion is difficult to achieve. Through TravelBud’s cultural training and teaching abroad placements, you can actually integrate into a new community, giving you the opportunity to surround yourself with those from other cultures and live a foreign lifestyle, opening your mind to appreciate your new home. 

3. You’ll make new friends

Travel is the best catalyst for making new friendships, no matter where you are in the worldOn one of TravelBud’s programs, you’ll meet like minded people from all over the world, but also make friends locally as you immerse yourself in the local and expat communities.  

4. You can learn a new language

How many times have you started a DuoLingo course hoping to learn a language, or brought a “Teach Yourself” book? By living and teaching English abroad you can make that dream come true. TravelBud will get you started, then the immersion of your teaching placement will help you reach relative fluency faster than you could imagine! 

5. You can make a difference

Mastery of the English language is becoming increasingly important in today’s globalized world. As such it has become a critical skill and as a teacher you will be making a difference in every student’s life.  

6. You’ll collect enough stories to bore your friends for a lifetime

Simply put you will make memories you’ll never forget, or tire of re-telling!   

7. Personal growth

Moving out of your comfort zone through immersive solo travel in a foreign culture is an incredible and unmatchable route to self-growth. So many of TravelBud’s alumni cite growing as a person to be one of the main takeaways from their experience. 

8. International experience 

International experience of any kind is great for your Resume, but just imagine how great working abroad, or better yet teaching abroad in a different language looks? Numerous articles and surveys all over the web show that future employers will be wowed by your skills and courage to put yourself in unfamiliar territory and thrive. 

9. You’ll view the world with a fresh perspective

Many of TravelBud’s teachers are empowered by an insatiable curiosity and thirst for learning. Seeing the world through the eyes of others and living how they live will leave you wanting more and questioning everything. Enjoy your time overseas and return (but not too soon!) a new person! 

Interested in learning more? Our partners Travelbud are driven by a single passion to help young graduates and students achieve their dreams of teaching English abroad.

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