If you’re thinking about booking some Europe summer flights, we totally can’t blame you. Europe is a fantastic destination to fly to because there’s just so many countries and destinations to choose from. It’s so easy to pick the vibe of the trip you want and find somewhere in Europe that goes perfectly with it. And summertime in Europe is kind of a no brainer. From warmth and sun, to school vacation time, summer is a great time to visit Europe, usually. But summer 2024 might just be a little more complicated.

Europe summer 2024

What’s different about 2024?

In 2024, the Summer Olympics are taking place in Paris. The actual Olympic games take place from July 26 – August 11 and the Paralympic games are from August 28 – September 8. But what does this mean for your travels?

Well, if you’re interested in the olympics, it could be a really cool opportunity for getting to see them live and in person. And this year’s games are taking place in some cool places. Think about seeing the swimmers go by right through the heart of Paris on the Seine. See the equestrian competitions literally at the Palace of Versailles. Watch the sailing from Marseille.

Eiffel Tower and people sitting on the grass watching sunset in Paris, France.

The real thing to know, particularly if you aren’t interested in the games, is that while it’s the “Paris” Olympics, the games are taking place all across France – like north to south, east to west – there are venues throughout the whole country. So if you’re thinking of traveling in France in summer 2024, you probably won’t be able to avoid the crowds and the commotion.

How to travel Europe in 2024 without the crowds

Pond in front of the Royal residence at Versailles near Paris in France in summer with flowers in bloom.

The #1 way to avoid the big crowds while traveling is to travel outside of the popular times. For example, rather than planning to spend your summer months in Europe – why not spend your spring break there instead? Or make plans to visit Europe in May, June, right as summer starts. Otherwise, if you’re primary goal is avoiding crowds, you’ll need to wait for a fall or winter trip.

If you are dead-set on Europe during summer 2024, you can try to avoid the crowds by going to more unique destinations. The crowds are guaranteed to be in France, but like any busy summer tourist season, the major cities will be busy too.

Your honest best bet for not facing the summer tourist crowds is traveling early (or late). Forget the Miamis and the Cancuns – Europe has tons of great options for places to go for spring travel that are at the same price range and offer similar experiences and opportunities. Alternatively you could wait until Fall/Winter (or do both!).

Booking your Europe summer flights for less

Book now. That’s about all you need to know. Summer is only a few months away. Particularly if you’re looking to fly at the earlier half of the summer now is your booking window to purchase before flight prices continue to get higher as availability becomes more limited.

Sunset over Verona, Italy in summer.

Really, Europe is so diverse in it’s opportunities for what to do and see that you’ll never have a bad time going. Sure, summer 2024 is almost certainly going to be busier than previous years but that doesn’t mean you should cancel all your traveling plans. It just means that you need to be a little more researched, planned, and booked farther in advance.