Traveling abroad teaches you so many life lessons that you won’t receive sitting in a hard chair in a classroom. There are endless things to see, people to talk to, and food to eat. Curriculum is crucial, but the lessons learned through traveling the world are unmatched. After having the opportunity to travel around the world, I’ve discovered 10 reasons why travel is the best education. 

1. There are no major or minor requirements

You write your own story and decide what you want to discover. There’s no classes and no written rules.


2. You can balance a budget

Traveling a lot means that you need to keep your finances in check. Giving yourself a weekly or monthly budget and sticking to it is a great life lesson. You can still see the world without breaking your bank.

3. You talk to different people

You meet people from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and cultures. Talking to people about their stories and life experiences is so rich and interesting.

4. You learn time management

Planes, trains, cars…oh my! Planning trips and modes of transport is key in learning time management.

5. You are a professional at packing

One carry-on? No problem! You realize what you actually need and lay out the outfits you’re going to wear before you pack your bag for departure. You learn to prioritize what you actually need for a trip. Layers are your best friend!


6. You understand your needs vs. wants

This goes in tandem with balancing your budget. You realize what experiences you value and can identify the things you really want to do when you’re traveling from country to country.

7. You’re comfortable being uncomfortable

Traveling can present you with some challenges and uncomfortable situations. You learn to lean into that discomfort and embrace it.

8. You learn to live unplugged

Off the grid with no Wi-fi is an incredible feeling. Everyone on social media will be there when you get back. Put the phone away and enjoy the moment as it happens.

9. You get to learn a new language

English may be a universal language, however many small places may not be able to understand the language that you speak. Learn some of the local language and cultural courtesy before traveling to a new place.

10. The world is your classroom

Our world is so beautiful. Instead of reading out of bulky textbooks, you’re using brochures and travel books as your guide. History pops out the page and you can do so many things you wouldn’t experience in a traditional classroom. Rock-climbing? Scuba diving? Get out there and see it. The world is at our fingertips, so let’s not just let it rest there. Being hands-on with these experiences is crucial to our development and interactions as people. Travel on!


Whether you’re taking a road trip with friends or flying solo across the country, the world is your classroom. The only desk you need to seek is the front desk of your hotel, and the only homework should be studying the map of your next destination. Traveling forces you out of your comfort zone, exposes you to different cuisines and cultures, and helps you realize how diverse our world truly is. Travel is the epitome of experiential learning, making it one of the many reasons why travel is the best education that money can buy.


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