10 Reasons Why Travel is the Best Education

Traveling abroad teaches you so many life lessons that you won’t receive sitting in a hard chair in a classroom. There are endless things to see, people to talk to, and food to eat. Curriculum is crucial, but the lessons learned through traveling the world are unmatched. After having the opportunity to travel around the world, I’ve discovered 10 reasons why travel is the best education.  Read More

City Bike Tours: Do Them!


If you are half-decent at riding a bike and are not intimidated by traffic then definitely hop on a bike tour as a means of introducing yourself to a new city.  These tour guides have a way of making historical sightseeing interesting and a lot of fun!  They are also good at making you feel comfortable on your bike even if you are not the best cyclist in the world.  Remember you are riding around in a large group – the chances of getting hit by a car are very slim (particularly in Germany where the penalties for drivers are very high!).  A bike tour is a great way to get your bearings in a new city while also learning a bit about its history. Read More

The Price of a Good Resume

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Higher education has come a long way – and so have the costs. At 18 million college students in the US, we’re past the days when the typical student is the first in their family to attend college. Every year tens of thousands of students are graduating college with upwards of $100,000 in debt. The college degree has become more and more expensive, but is it enough? The competition for jobs that will allow those students to pay back that debt is fierce. Students are no longer competing for jobs with their classmates or students from around their country. They are competing with students from around the world. The standards have been elevated. Read More