We get it. Most college kids don’t have money to travel around the world. However, we’re willing to bet that you do have a couple hundred dollars to spare, you know, if you skip out on a few nights at the local pub and maybe don’t order that fourth drink at the club. We’re here to say it is indeed possible to travel as a student – you just have a.) know how to save and b.) choose the right trips to go on. Fortunately, we know a thing or two and have made a list of the best trips for college students.

1. Volunteer trip

If you’re really lacking in the funds department, a volunteer trip is a great option and still allows you to see new parts of the world, while also doing community service. It’s a win win! Whether you choose to help the homeless in New Orleans, build homes in Michigan with Habitat for Humanity or assist in wildlife conservation in Costa Rica, the volunteer options are truly endless. Not only will you come out with a new perspective, but also with lots of new friends!


2. Cross-country road trip

This one doesn’t even require a flight – all you need is a car, a friend or two and a great playlist! Maybe you want to drive throughout the northern part of the country and hit some cool National Parks or maybe you want to cruise down the famous Pacific Coast Highway. With the right group of people, this could honestly be one of your fave travel experiences ever. Save some cash by splitting a cheap hotel room or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try camping!


3. Spring break in the Caribbean

Sure, this is one of the most basic trips for college students, but you’ll probably regret it if you don’t do it at least once. It’s an experience with your college friends that you’ll always remember and be able to look back on. Whether you choose Cancun, Cabo, Punta Cana or the Bahamas, be sure to take a look at the all-inclusive deals. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the low prices you’ll find if you start your search early enough and bonus: you won’t have to shell out any cash while you’re there! And let’s be real, who hates palm trees, turquoise waters and drinks at the pool bar? No one.


4. Canada

Sometimes we forget how close our northern neighbor is and tbh that’s truly a shame. If you’re in the Northeast, it’s super easy to take a drive or quick flight up to Quebec or Montreal for a long weekend or school break. The nightlife there is unreal (along with the poutine) and there’s plenty of things to do. If you’re on the West Coast, Vancouver or Calgary are also great options. Take a ride up the Sea-to-Sky Highway or go hiking in Banff National Park for some of the prettiest views you’ll ever see.


5. Study abroad

At first glance, studying abroad seems expensive and almost impossible if you don’t have much money. However, typically, your tuition and housing amount for that semester will not change at all, so basically you’re only responsible for paying for flights, food and activities while you’re there. Our take: if you’re super passionate about travel and looking to have a unique experience to grow as a person, you should definitely try to study abroad at some point while you’re in school, even if it’s just a two month summer program. Ask for money to travel for birthdays/holidays, consider getting a job between/after classes and do some research on scholarships you could apply for. In short, you’ve got some options.


So next time someone asks you to travel somewhere, give it some thought before you say no. There are ways to make it happen and we’re always here to help with student flight discounts as well as student hotel discounts – up to 30% off.