10 Affordable Volunteer Abroad Destinations

A great way to spend a summer or spring break is to volunteer abroad. You get to see the world while doing good and gaining valuable experience for your resume. But when you’re on a limited student budget, traveling can sometimes seem unattainable.

The good news is your bank account doesn’t have to take a major hit simply because you want to travel and make a difference. All you need is an affordable volunteer organization and a low-cost volunteer abroad destination where you can make your money last. Here are ten places to consider:>

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Festivals are my #happyplace!


There is something about attending a festival that renews the soul; the people, the activity, and the collective energy are enough to keep you smiling for weeks after the event. Some better known festivals may leave you feeling jaded, due to the dense crowds that may make it impossible to actually enjoy the festivities. However, the following festivals offer unique and unforgettable experiences without having to stand for hours on end, in an unbearable crowd, just to get a glimpse of a parade float. Read More