Dobry Den! Or rather, good day! Are you thinking of traveling abroad but are unsure if you have the funds to do so? Well, let me stop you right there! For four months, I have been lucky enough to live in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic as I continue my academic studies. For those of you who don’t know, Prague is actually over 50% cheaper to live in than New York. And with discounted flights to Prague available and lots of free things to do in Prague, you’ll have enough extra spending money to buy souvenirs for all your friends. 

The Czech Republic has its own currency: The Czech Korunas. In English, this translates to Crowns, but what does that mean for you!? This means that for each American dollar you spend you will be spending 25 crowns. If this isn’t making sense yet, here are a few examples just to put this into perspective: A typical glass of beer is around 30 crowns–meaning that beer you just guzzled down was only $1.25. What about going out to eat? Even at a semi-fancy restaurant you are likely to only pay between $8-12 for your entire meal. And that includes a drink and the tip! In the Czech Republic, tipping is at most 10%, but most locals tend to just round the bill up to the next digit. Therefore, if your bill was 160 crowns, rounding up to 200 would be just fine. This means that a lot of the things to do in Prague won’t be nearly as expensive as you’d expect them to be. 

So, if that hasn’t already convinced you to pack your bags and book the next flight out to Prague–there’s more! Like most cities, there are amazing things to see and discover for some type of fee. However, I’m here to tell you that in addition to the inexpensive costs, there are amazing potential discoveries and things to do in Prague for FREE.

So whether you are a college student ballin’ on a budget, a fellow study abroad member with a dwindling bank account or a vactioner wanting to spend money elsewhere, here are six of the best spots in Prague to czech out that don’t cost a cent!

The Charles Bridge

The perfect place for a stroll! Arguably the top tourist attraction in Prague is the Charles Bridge. Head to the foot of the bridge and take it all in! There are lots of street artists lined up showcasing their paintings and jewelry to tourists walking over the bridge. The bridge overlooks the Vlatava River and many other parts of the city that make for incredible scenery. Typically, the bridge even has musicians playing live music! On warm and sunny days, you’ll see lots of people just hanging out on the walls of the bridge enjoying the atmosphere. If you head to the middle of the bridge, you will see the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. It’s an easily identifiable statue with gold at the bottom. Nearby, there stands a black statue that looks like a gate. This statue has a cross, a martyr’s palm tree, five stars and a surplice. It is said that if you place your hand with each finger touching a star over the cross, it will bring you good luck. Out of all the things to do in Prague, this is the only one that will bring you good luck, so make sure to take advantage of that!


The Prague Castle and the Royal Garden

Taking a walk through the Prague Castle and admiring the Royal Garden is a must! If you take the 22 or 23 tram up the hill from the Malostranska Namesti stop (right next to Charles Bridge) you will reach the stop called Prazky Hrad, also known as the Prague Castle! You can walk around the beautiful Royal Garden then stroll around the outside of the castle and St.Vitus Cathedral. If interested in taking a tour within the castle and the cathedral, you do have to buy tickets. But if you just want to see the outside and the garden which overlook the entire city (best view of Prague in my opinion) then you should definitely go check them out!  There are incredible views of the entire city and beautiful flowers blooming on the sides! There are benches scattered everywhere so it makes for an extremely peaceful and relaxing visit, all while being able to get good pictures to show your friends from home!


Wallenstein Palace Gardens

Visit the Wallenstein Palace Gardens! Located right outside the Malostranska metro station, the gates lead to the entrance of the garden. There are so many lovely features inside the garden. There is the beautiful fountain, the Drip Wall and free roaming peacocks! Both white and colorful peacocks can be found around the gardens, minding their own business! There’s lots of things to do in Prague, but not many of them include peacocks, so make sure you don’t miss out. If you walk through the gardens to the back, there is a huge wall that is called the Drip Wall. There’s a plaque with history and information about the wall, but it looks just as it sounds. It looks like stalactite-rock structures are dripping down the wall. Some of the features look as though they could be heads or faces, while others just look like cave and rock formations.


Letna Park

Take in another incredible view of the city from Letna Park! Reachable by tram, the park overlooks the city from a different perspective than the previous sights. On clear, sunny days you can see as far as Old Town! Aside from enjoying the amazing views and energy that can be found in any part of the park, you should venture over to the center of the park where you can find the beer garden! At any time of day you can find people sitting in the beer garden enjoying mostly beer, but there are other drinks upon request. It is a popular spot for not only tourists, but locals too. Everyone loves beer! During the day you can grab a drink and enjoy the view just as you can at night. At night there are string lights hanging across branches and the experience is just as wonderful. Although it is geared towards warmer weather, the park can still be in your plans during the colder months. The view is just as scenic with snowy roof tops!


Prague’s Seasonal Markets

Check out the seasonal markets all around Prague! The main market stands during the holidays are in Old Town Square. Here you can take in the beauty of the city. Everywhere you look you will be stunned by the beauty of the buildings and the atmosphere. During the winter months near Christmas, the Old Town has Christmas markets. During the months closest to Easter, there is also a plethora of markets. The markets range from food to souvenirs to a little bit of everything else! Everything is relatively cheap even for the main square, but even if you don’t intend on purchasing anything it’s still a great place to explore. It would take hours to stop by each stand and see what they have to offer. The markets are also located in Wenceslas Square and near the Palladium Shopping Centre. The holidays aren’t the only time markets pop up! If you aren’t visiting during the holidays, I would still check out these squares to see if anything has popped up for the weekend. If not, don’t fret, there is clearly plenty of other things to do in Prague! 


The John Lennon Wall

Swing by the John Lennon Wall, located in the Malo Strana area! After walking along the Charles Bridge, go down the steps that lead to the area below the bridge. Walk through Kampa Park where you can find some unique art made by popular Czech artists and take in everything that “Little Venice” has to offer! Once you pass the lock bridge, you will find yourself taking a quick turn and find the John Lennon Wall. Used as a symbol for peace in times of hardship, the wall continues to impress and act as a symbol for peace for all visitors and locals. If you’re lucky you will go at a time when someone is playing acoustic songs by John Lennon and you can spend the time enjoying the good vibes. Not only can you take in the beauty but you can also tag the wall yourself if you’d like! Dedicate some time of your day to come see this wall and hang around with your friends, because it is a feeling like no other–a time of total peace and serenity.


Don’t Miss Out on These Things to Do in Prague!

Ultimately, if you want to travel and experience a beautiful city with breathtaking views, enchanting gardens, bustling centers and much more—you should definitely look into this charming city! There are so many wonderful things to see and things to do in Prague on top of my free suggestions. Thanks for reading and Na Shledanou!

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