Prague, Czech Republic – A modern day fairy tale city where the beer flows cheaper than water. I could write about the Pražský orloj (Prague Astronomical Clock) in Old Town Square, or the “Walk of Apostles” that takes place at two o’clock everyday, or Pražský hrad (Prague Castle), which is most accessible via the Karlův most (Charles Bridge), but I won’t because instead I’m going to write about the food, the beer, the wine, and the markets.


Villa Richter – A great choice for functions or large groups, this restaurant boasts phenomenal views of the city (whether you are on the terrace or not). Perhaps a little pricier than most places in Prague but well worth it for the views.

Malý Buddha – An intriguing little vegetarian restaurant located above Prague Castle on the way to the Strahov Monastery. Hands down the best spring rolls I have ever had (they’re quite big so plan your meal accordingly!).

Strahov Monastic Brewery – Definitely worth the uphill climb! The views of Prague are wonderful, especially if you are able to time your visit with the sunset. The Brewery has a great menu (I recommend the goulash), and it is a great way to try some local beer that isn’t Pilzner!

The Pub – Possibly a bit on the touristy side but lots of fun nonetheless! Put your drinking cap on and get ready to compete with your friends as well as the surrounding tables. This can be a great way to meet new people and make new friends from all over the world, especially as a solo traveler!

Ambix – The owner is very passionate about his wines in this very stylish establishment. I highly recommend a full wine tasting. It’s a great way to sample local Czech wines as well as the usual French, Italian, and South African culprits. You won’t be disappointed!

PraguePrague Beer Museum – Not actually a museum but still a great way to sample multiple beers of all flavors. I recommend the ten beer sampler between two people (to start!). The lighter and fruiter beers are a great choice for those hot summer afternoons.

Naplavka Farmer’s Market – A great morning activity! This market is a short walk along the Vltava River from the city center and boasts a large array of local organic foods, sweets, beverages, and home wares. Spend the morning strolling back and forth along the river (sampling as you go of course) or create a picnic to go and head to one of Prague’s many parks.

Havel Market – One of Prague’s oldest open air markets – this is a great place to stop for some fresh fruit or to simply browse the handmade tourist trinkets.

U zeleného čaje – Located on the way up the hill towards Prague Castle, this little cafe has a great selection of teas and sweet comestibles. The hot ginger tea did wonders for me when I was battling a summer cold the last time I was in Prague.  The cafe also has free wifi.

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