Dublin is the perfect city to spend a weekend in. From the churches, museums, to a fine pint of Guinness, you are guaranteed to have fun in this city! You may have heard some rumors of the city being pretty expensive, but it’s not an expensive trip if you know what restaurants in Dublin the locals go to for cheap and delicious food and drinks! Here’s the perfect way to spend your 48 hours in Dublin:

Dinner Time

After you have dropped your bags and checked into your hotel, it is time to get some food! There are lots of restaurants in Dublin, but right in the city centre you have Boojum. This award winning Mexican burrito bar has some of the best options for your budget around Dublin. A meal (with drink included) is usually around 8 euros and you can choose from burritos (almost the size of your head), fajitas, tacos and salads. For you meat lovers, the best things on the menu are the carnitas (shredded pork) and the barbacoa (shredded beef). For an amazing spicy combo, get them with the Mexican rice. Don’t worry, vegetarians, they have veggie burritos too!

Drinks at the Bernard Shaw

If you want to go to a nice pub and listen to some live music without breaking the bank, head over to The Bernard Shaw! This legendary place has both with great music and unique drinks (they have a rotation of local craft beers). A pint is between 5-7 euros, spirits and glasses of wine are around 5. If you fancy a cocktail, they usually have a 2×1 around 12 euros.



After a night out, there’s nothing like a hearty breakfast. For something incredibly tasty and budget friendly, there is Gerry’s Coffee Shop! Gerry’s is one of those good old fashioned restaurants in Dublin that just serves great food. If you want a true Irish breakfast, there’s nothing like it. The food is great, and there’s plenty of it! 

If you are more into a waffles and pancakes kind of breakfast, Lemon Crepe and Coffee is where you want to be. From their french toast starter (includes coffee or tea) to their delicious crepes (try the maple delight or the sticky fingers) this food will not only satisfy your sweet tooth, it will also keep your pocket full!

A Good Time At The Market

If you want to enjoy the bustling Temple Bar area without falling into tourists traps and hefty prices, spend a Saturday afternoon at the Temple Bar Market! You’ll find can anything from fresh oysters to pork, along with a huge selection of cheeses, breads and baked goods.


Dinner and Drinks

If you want to eat something healthier and still budget friendly, Umi Falafel is what you are looking for.  Their sandwiches are all under 10 euros and a meal plate for two is around 15.  Time to get your drink on! Head on over to Mulligan’s to find a brilliant selection of beers. It’s definitely the best place for a pint of “the black stuff”. If partying is your thing, you can go to Pygmalion! They usually have fantastic drink specials and live DJs so you can dance the night away. If you’re looking for more great pubs, we have the perfect Dublin pub crawl guide just for you!


Brunch It Out

If you partied all night, brunch is the one thing that will make the next morning all better. Whitefriar Grill has one of the best brunches in town, and everything is under 15 euros. Try the crab cake eggs Benedict, there’s nothing quite like it!

Sweet Treat

To satisfy your sweet tooth, Aungier Danger has some of the most sinfully delicious donuts around town. They even made a Guinness donut at one point. Give The Crime Scene a try! This red velvet donut has a combination of a cream cheese filling and strawberry frosting that will get your mouth watering.

Dining at the Eatyard

Before your trip comes to an end, head to The Eatyard food market. For a moment, forget about restaurants in Dublin and give this more casual dining spot a try! Located right next to the Bernard Shaw, this foodie’s paradise is kind to a budget. With a variety of vendors, food truck meals are at their best at the Eatyard! You’ll find vendors serving anything from chicken wings, Indian chicken tikka, Venezuelan arepas, to Italian arancinis. There are even vegan options! And if you want a beer, you can always go next door and check out the Shaw for something new! But a round two at The Bernard Shaw doesn’t have to be out of the question!

Closing time

For one last pint, O’Reilly’s at Tara Street is the ideal place to end your time in Dublin. It is a local favorite, where the drinks are cheap and the crowd is friendly. Enjoy your beer! Hopefully you loved your time in Dublin.


A weekend trip in Dublin doesn’t have to be expensive! Keeping to a budget isn’t impossible, so long as you know restaurants in Dublin to go to. Even flying there doesn’t have to break the bank if you book with StudentUniverse.

Brittnay Sharman

Brittnay is an Aussie and one half of The Travelling House Sitters. She has been living in London for the past two years and recently moved home to Melbourne. She has visited over 21 countries in Europe and Africa in that time. You can find all her adventures in housesitting and travels on The Travelling Housesitters. If you're interested in house sitting, she also has a guide on how to become a house sitter how to become a house sitter.


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