Copenhagen is filled with some of the happiest people in the world — officially. Named the happiest country on earth in 2016, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. Most people know about the amazing scenic views and canals but this location is a foodies dream. Experience the best of all meals in this beautiful city with this must-see foodies guide to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark: A city know for its cycling , its castles, and its Carlsberg. But there’s another reason to fall in love with this enchanting Nordic capital: it’s clean Nordic cuisine.

And with all that biking you’ll do on the super cycle-friendly streets, you won’t have to feel guilty about trying to sample it all!

Here’s a few options of how to dine like a Dane.


St. Peter’s Bakery

Tucked away in a colorful and back street near the central train station, Norreport, St. Peter’s Bakery is a treasure trove of quick, sweet eats. Pop by on a Wednesday for the discounted, giant cinnamon roll (or kanelsnegle), and enjoy your treat down the road in the peaceful courtyard of St. Peter’s Church.



A staple of a Danish kitchen, Grød makes a simple meal out of a traditional porridge meal. But no matter how creative they get, the result is always warm, filling, and satisfying. Case in point:




Paper Island (Papirøen)

A favorite of locals and  tourists alike, Paper Island holds an eclectic mix of creative street-food eateries. Situated right on Copenhagen Harbor, you can find the latest twist on traditional smørrebrød, or perhaps a fresh plate of sushi. No matter what you choose, another culture’s food is just one booth away!

The Glass Market (Torvehallerne)

You can see right through the walls of the Glass Market, but you’ll want to take your time looking at all the diverse vendors have to offer. You can pick up anything from macaroons to a smoked salmon sandwich to groceries at this trendy center of cuisine.

If the weather’s fine, take your bounty to the King’s Gardens around Rosenborg Castle and have a picnic with a royal view!



Det Lille Apoteke

You can find a quick dinner as well as lunch at many of the aforementioned options, but if you’d like to treat yourself to traditional Danish food in a cosy tavern-like atmosphere, settle in at Det Lille Apoteke.




La Glace

The decadent window displays at La Glace will send your sweet tooth into overdrive–and the treats inside won’t disappoint. Make a lot of room for all the layers of cream in the classic sportskage.


American Pie

Two American women sought to bring their best kind of comfort food to Copenhagen–but you can enjoy their pie no matter which country you’re from! Maybe bring that friend you met on Flypside and go halvsies–there’s so many flavors to choose from!



(Also, if you’re a busy traveler and want to kill two birds with one stone, go for an ice cream at Nyhavn. Not only do you see that picturesque rainbow-colored canal, but you can watch the shopkeepers make fresh waffle cones if you time it right!)



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