The number one barrier we hear about traveling to Japan is it’s expensive. In fact it’s really the only negative we hear about traveling to Japan. From the Golden Temple Kinkaku-ji to Mount Fuji to cherry blossoms in spring, Japan has a variety of colorful and captivating sites. Also, let’s not forget sushi!
Have you read a survey lately that listed your city as one of the most expensive in the U.S.? I cry every year when Boston tops the list so I feel you. It’s these same surveys that list Tokyo the most expensive city in the world with Osaka a close second.

So here’s the straight scoop. While not as budget-friendly as Vietnam, it’s definitely comparable to European countries many of you likely already visited. So have hope, it is completely possible to travel Japan cheap!

Golden Pavilion of Perfection in Nan Lian Garden, Hong Kong

And with your discounted flights and hotels from StudentUniverse, those living costs don’t impact you as a traveler. (Unless you plan to buy a flat when you get there, of course.)

Hotels can be found for as low as $20 a night in Kyoto and Tokyo. Plus StudentUniverse offers inventory in 10 cities across Japan. Definitely won’t break the bank.

Kaiten sushi on moving beltLunch can be found for about $4 a meal and dinner for anywhere between $8 and $20 a meal. Bonus: no tipping! It’s considered rude. From Sushi Trains Restaurants to Vikings all-you-can-eat, there are plenty of ways to eat delicious, healthy food at prices you can stomach.

Transportation is the priciest component for your trip, but still doable. Buying a Japan Rail Pass is the way to go and comes out to about $30 a day or $425 for 14 days. They are fast, they are clean and they are easy to use. Bullet trains are calling your name!

So here’s the final clincher: the dollar is stronger than it’s been in years since the late part of 2014. The dollar increased in value by about 17%- meaning you’ll spend roughly $50 less on your rail pass and a few dollars less on all those meals and accommodations.

You can do this thing. The time’s never been better. So start planning already!

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Agnes Jimenez · November 25, 2015 at 7:16 am

You are so right that there are really cheap hotels. Last year I spent 2 weeks in Tokyo on business. I managed to survive with 250$. Best regards!

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