Things to Do in Frankfurt

From a large number of high-rise skyscrapers to huge parks stretching all over its city center. Find out the best Things to do in the city of Frankfurt!

Frankfurt is ideal for student travel because it has so much to see and it is the jumping-off point for trips to romantic cities like Munich, Vienna, and Prague. Its airport is a sophisticated, busy hub for major airlines so you can really travel the world from Frankfurt. For this reason keep an eye out for cheaper student plane tickets and rail passes because you can get just about anywhere from Frankfurt and then return here to cool your heels. As the fifth largest city in Germany, Frankfurt (officially Frankfurt am Main) is the financial and transportation center of the country. Located on the River Main, Frankfurt is the only city in Germany that is on the list of the ten Alpha world cities; so basically, it’s one of the richest cities, and it has a lot to offer student travelers fascinated by cutting-edge art, important historical events, and the innovations of a leading business metropolis with a huge student population. Art is huge here and people come from all over the world for the hottest art exhibitions. If you think Frankfurt is just packed with bankers and business travelers, think again because it’s also packed with fun activities for students. You’ll find awesome shopping, great restaurants, and pumping nightclubs. Frankfurt is cool in itself, but it’s also cool to know that you can easily get to other cities pretty easily and cheaply.

The large number of high-rise skyscrapers (or buildings at least 150 meters tall) is reason enough for many students like Frankfurt. The city also has huge parks stretching all over its city center. A visit to the numerous art and science museums and to cultural venues are also great options. Many of the museums are closed on Mondays, but they do have free admissions on Wednesdays. It’s also great to take a walking tour to the historical locations in the city or go strolling by the river Rhine. Rhine wines are world-famous, and for fun weekends you can probably land a vineyard tour experience with wine tasting!