Things to Do in Germany

There’s no end to student activities in Germany. If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Berlin skyline, you’ve most likely seen the tower that soars above it.

If you like history, cutting-edge culture, mind-blowing beer, and fun times in a student mecca, come to Germany! You can surely land a cheap travel tour package or come on your own for study abroad or a fascinating spring break. Lots of student education tours also wind their way every year through Germany’s diverse cities and varied landscapes. Berlin is the heart of Germany, the center of government, and a fascinating and exciting city. Beautiful Munich, also popular with students, is the capital city of Bavaria, the largest federal state of Germany. Many people think Munich has better quality of museums than even Berlin. The architecture here is also stunning. Historic Hanover, the capital of Lower Saxony, is full of things to do and places to see. Known as the “Expo City” (home to a lot of the world’s exhibitions), Hanover has its share of huge buildings. Most of the city has been rebuilt since World War II and looks awesome. If you like history and art then Hanover just might be the place for you! Nuremberg is located about a hundred miles north of Munich. Although the city is pretty typical now amongst similar places, it has a rich history including the famous Nuremberg Trials of Nazi officials after World War II. The city also still maintains its European heritage with beautifully preserved art and architecture. You won’t find wild raves in Nuremberg, but rather a great trip back in time with some of the best sights and museums in the world. Have some sophisticated fun during your visit to Nuremberg and Germany overall. Can you get one of the cheap travel bundles including airfare and accommodations?

There’s no end to student activities in Germany. If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Berlin skyline, you’ve most likely seen the tower that soars above it. The TV tower, or Fernsehturm as it’s called in German, is a great way to see Berlin from above. Get there on a clear day and you’ll get 25 miles’ worth of view. Many college students think of Oktoberfest when they think of Munich. This annual autumn festival is synonymous with crazy partying, so check it out! Lovers of art, Hanover is the place for you. The Hanover Opera, which hosts a number of operas with international performers, is located in Kropcke. If you are looking to go to one of their featured performances then be sure to buy your tickets early as they sell out quickly. Ask for a student discount on tickets. Hanover also has professional soccer and ice hockey clubs, the Hannover 96 and Hannover Scorpions respectively. Do you like festivals and great comedy performances? Hanover hosts the Small Festival in the Great Garden, attracting performers from around the world including clowns, acrobatic performances, comedy theatre, and much more! There are shows during the day and fireworks at night. Nuremberg also has tons to do, so make sure you plan your time well! The city is separated into the Old Town and New Town, reflecting the two different parts of the city. Spend a day in Nuremberg’s Old Town and see the Castle, a 500-year-old mansion that was once a storehouse. There’s also the city walls, built in the 13th century, to keep the city safe from attacks.