No tuition fees

Germany is famous for granting the students, native and foreign the right to free undergraduate education. However, as an exchange student, especially if you come from one of the developed countries in EU, there is an application process.  Once the university has selected you, you must pay the mandatory fees each semester.  Fees include: Enrollment/Confirmation fee, Semester Contribution fee, and Administrative fees.

The total cost per semester is roughly 300 euros.  However, this also includes free access to public transportation for the time being. The student card will also alleviate your finances by offering discounts at miscellaneous events like theater museums and monumental institutions as well as foods and clothing.

Inexpensive lifestyle

Compared to other countries, rent in Germany is quite cheap. For only 400 euros you can rent a single bedroom apartment; however,living along in a new country isn’t wise, particularly not in the beginning. If you are interested in sharing an apartment, rent is around 200 per month and if you are lucky you’ll find a native roommate who will guide you to the path of going local! This is the perfect way to stop that boring tourist stigma and start getting some real German vibes.

Mawista, a travel blog, estimates that a student in Germany will spend roughly 100 euros a month on groceries.  Although dining in tends to be healthier and cheaper, you should still experience some of the local food.  You don’t have to splurge to get a good meal in Germany, though!

Clothing is optional.  You can choose between the more expensive brands and the more down-to-earth seasonal sales.  Your clothing budget will have to depend on the extent of your shopaholicism.  Germany is also well known for its second hand shops and flea markets where you can get a personal makeover and pimp your crib with small trinkets!

International programs

If you are too lazy to learn the infamously tough German language, you can always enroll in an international program, which have recently become very popular among the German public universities. The quality of studies is close to the highest in the world and the diploma will be valid world-wide, with few exceptions. This way you will end up equally qualified but with a load of money saved for the future – the money you would probably be spending in most of the other countries for tuition.

True Friendships

Germans are known to be odd, cold and having a twisted sense of humor. They are also a bit too straight forward. In the beginning this can be such a turn off, yet once the logic behind this type of behavior unravels you will star to respect them more. Germans are known to be friends for a lifetime.

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