We all know that “learn from anywhere” can really mean class from bed or the couch these days. But now that we’re going into the second semester of this new learning style, it may be time to invest a little in making your non-classroom learning space a little more comfortable. Here’s our list of key items that will get you through this learn from anywhere semester with a little more comfort and happiness.

A good chair 

If you’re going to be sitting at your desk for hours, days and weeks on end, it pays to make it a comfortable space. Not only is it better for your back and neck, but it can make it easier to do your work if you have a space you actually like working in. A good desk chair can make a huge difference—whether it’s a standard swivel desk chair or something a bit classier, like this white, high-backed desk chair that offers plenty of cushion and support, your back will thank you. There’s plenty of options to suit every style, too! If you’re looking for something a bit more modern, this sleek, black desk chair will do the trick. 


Knee chair


Can’t sit like a normal person? Well, same. If you need something to switch it up, consider getting a knee chair (way more comfortable than it sounds) so you can sit more comfortably without giving yourself a major backache. 

Lumbar support 

If you don’t have the cash (or the space) for a brand new chair, a lumbar back support cushion is an easy way to upgrade your current studying setup. Honestly, if you’re going to be sitting in the same spot studying for the next few months, it should be as comfortable as possible, right? 



Laptop desk 


Work from home? More like work from anywhere. Investing in a laptop stand means you can more easily (and comfortably) work from your bed, your couch, your poolside deck chair (if you’re lucky) or even convert a regular desk/table into a standing desk. Having more options when you’re staring at the same four walls every day is never a bad thing. 

Lap Desk

If you love working from your bed or couch, but don’t need to invest in a full on laptop desk, go for this simple lap desk instead. With a spot for your phone and a built-in mousepad, it’ll make working on your laptop and staring at Zoom for hours on end a lot more manageable. 



Actual desk


If you focus best when sitting at an actual desk, then treat yourself and get something that’ll help make the best of learning from home. This desk folds down, making it easy to transport if you’re moving but still includes some storage space too. Plus, it’s big enough to give you some space to spread out without taking over your entire bedroom. Win-win. 


Electric Standing desk

If you’re ready to really invest in an incredible “i’m-a-real-adult-now” desk, this electric standing desk has got you covered. With four customizable presets to set your preferred heights, you can easily go from sitting to standing throughout the day so you’re not just stuck in your chair for hours on end. 




Eye-friendly LED charging lamp 


Bad lighting can make or break a workstation—and this eye-friendly lamp has different color and brightness modes so you can adjust the light to be warmer/cooler, softer or brighter, depending on what you’re working on and where you’re working. Also, it has a USB charging port so you can keep all your devices charged and within arm’s reach. 


Wooden desk lamp

If you’re looking for something a bit more aesthetic for your space, this wooden desk lamp has a minimalist design and soft, adjustable lighting to make your workspace a bit cozier so that you maybe actually want to sit down and do some homework for a hot second? Or maybe not, but it’s worth a shot. 



Helpful Accessories

Wireless phone charger 

Tired of having cords everywhere? This wireless phone charger will charge your phone while keeping it handy for you on it’s little stand. Even better, it can charge your phone with a case on and is compatible with a variety of phone brands and models. 

Monitor stand 

Clear up some space on your desk and stop hunching over to work on your laptop with this monitor stand—useful for a big monitor or your laptop, whichever you use. With space for storage and small enough to be portable, you can make your desk setup more comfortable and more organized. 

Mouse pad 

If you don’t have a dedicated mouse pad (and mouse) yet, it’s time to get one. Sure, your laptop has a trackpad, but using an actual mouse is so much easier (not to mention better for your wrists). Get a mousepad that’ll make your mouse more effective—and remind you what it was like to be able to travel the world. 



Space heater 


If the long winter days are getting to you and your dad (or roommates) like to keep the house nice and chilly, invest in a small portable space heater to keep your room at the perfect temp. Honestly, what’s worse than trying to stay up late and focus while you’re freezing and piled under blankets? Make life a bit better for yourself and keep your space nice and cozy. 


Monitor memo board 

Keep to-dos and memos right in front of you with this monitor memo board. Just attach these (removable) memo boards to the side of your monitor and keep sticky notes right where you can’t ignore them. 

Blue light blocking glasses 

Even before the pandemic, the average American was logging 4+ hours of screen time (just on our phones!) every day. But now, with online classes, Zoom meetings, virtual hangouts and so on, it’s tough to avoid screens. Blue light blocking glasses can help with eye strain (and help you sleep better at night!) by blocking out harmful blue light to make things a bit easier on your eyes. These are a non-prescription option, but if you have prescription glasses, ask your doctor about blue light blocking options for your next pair. 

Small things to make you happy 

Fake succulents 

Black thumb? These mini (fake) succulents look real and will bring a small dose of zen to your workspace—especially since you won’t have to worry about accidentally killing them. 


Desk humidifier 

Cold, dry air in the winter can mean stuffy workspaces and an easier chance of spreading cold/flu germs. A desk humidifier is a great way to clear the air and help you breathe easier (literally). 



Owl succulent holder 


If you can keep plants alive, repot your mini succulents or other plants in this tiny (and super cute) owl succulent holder. Sometimes it’s the little things that can really brighten up your space! 


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