Going back home for break can be exciting but also stressful in terms of preparing all the things you need to do prior to your departure and making sure you have a checklist for international travel or when you return to the US!


Here is a helpful checklist of things you should get done before you depart the US:

  • If you need to renew your visa or passport while in your home country, don’t forget to bring all the necessary documentation before going back home!
  • Make sure you have a valid travel signature on your I-20 form as you will be required to present this form while going through US customs as well as border patrol when you arrive back in the US.
  • Be sure to print out a copy of your flight itinerary
  • Confirming your flight 3 days before your departure date is recommended
  • Just to be certain, check the status of your flight online, to see whether it is on time or delayed. No one wants to be stranded at an airport for hours!
  • If you’re flying back home for winter break- pack less, carry only one piece of luggage instead of two. If you’re going home for the summer, you will probably want to carry more things so you could pack more. The key is to travel light!
  • Confirm the luggage restrictions on your airline’s website, this can save you a lot of trouble!
  • Before returning to the US, remember to always keep the weather in mind while packing. Warm coats for Chicago and light jackets for Miami!

Happy Traveling!


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