Looking to be a part of something bigger than yourself? Volunteer abroad! It’s not only a great opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives, but one that will also completely change your world forever.

Believe it or not, there are still several underprivileged communities in major parts of the world where people suffer from illiteracy, poverty and poor medical facilities. With a little bit of dedication, compassion and creativity, one can make a huge difference if he or she decides to volunteer abroad.

While deciding on the destination and the project, here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

The need of the people: Do some research and see where people need the most help. Usually, developing countries may have a greater need for aid, but in some parts of the developed world, people may need your service as well.

Best use of your skills: When you choose a project, assess your skills. Know how you can make the best use of your strengths whether you’re interested in teaching, helping with children, etc. 

Visit a country on your bucket list: Let’s not deny it – we all have a checklist that has our dream destinations. Choose a place on your list as you’ll have plenty of time to explore, meet the locals, shop around the local markets and of course, savor the local cuisine!

Check your moral and ethical grounds: Ask yourself: Are you taking this trip just so you can have some awesome pics to ‘gram or are you keen enough to actually make a change in someone’s life? If your moral and ethical grounds aren’t transparent enough, you may end up causing more harm than good. 

Once you know your stand on the above-mentioned points, you should begin the search for the perfect destination to lend a hand. Here are the top 10 places to volunteer abroad:


One of the most gorgeous Asian countries, India has seen many folds of development in the last few decades. However, the country still suffers from the lack of proper education and medical facilities. Organizations like Volunteering India are making great progress in their programs with the goal of sustainable development.


One of the most affordable Asian destinations, Nepal has faced severe natural calamities in the past leading to demolished towns and countless homeless people. The number of orphans has drastically increased in the country, so if you like working with children, you should consider volunteering in Nepal.



While China appears to be a well-developed nation, there are many people in major cities who aren’t able to get even basic necessities. Often times, there aren’t enough staff members at the schools to care for and teach the children. There is also a need for volunteers at centers for physically challenged people who require extra care. 


A country that’s on almost everyone’s bucket list, Thailand is nothing less than a beach lover’s paradise. You can volunteer for the elephants at a village in Surin or teach little monks in Bangkok. There will never be a shortage of volunteering projects in Thailand.



For gap year students, Ghana is one of the best places to volunteer abroad. Being one of the poorest nations in the world, Ghanaian communities require a lot of time, attention and love. Medical and pre-med students can also volunteer here and learn about the healthcare system while shadowing professionals.


This African country has a huge population of illiterate people who also suffer from a poor healthcare system. Volunteering here would be extremely rewarding in more ways than one. You’ll also get the opportunity to go on safaris and appreciate the wildlife. It’s a win win!



There are ample volunteering opportunities in the city of Quito, the most popular being projects with children. Apart from that, animal lovers can also choose to stay in the Amazon forest to focus on wildlife conservation, or you can work with the locals on community development projects.


Want to visit the land of the Incas and explore Machu Picchu? We Are Bamboo has some amazing projects in Peru. Be a part of the Child Care Programs or Teaching Project if you love little ones.



Have you always wanted to go to Spain? Volunteer abroad there! If you love the ocean, there are some really exciting volunteering projects for people who want to participate in marine conservation. One o of the major issues here are the beaches adversely affected by tourists.


One of the world’s largest and most sparsely populated countries, Australia provides huge scope for volunteers. Most of the projects available in Australia are related to wildlife and environmental conservation. Just think, you could work with koalas, kangaroos or wallabies!

Now that you have a list of the best places to volunteer, you can make a thoughtful choice and a meaningful contribution to society. And remember, you always have us to help you get to your destination with our cheap student flights!


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