How many hours did you spend in college listening to lectures, studying, writing papers, and taking tests? More than you could count, right? It’s time for some leisure. The main point of college is learning. Learning, however, is not limited to books and classes. It’s all about experience. It’s time to add some fun to that experience, right?!

How quickly can you pack your bags? Get ready for the most memorable college road trip of your life. We have 9 great ideas for road trips that you and your friends will definitely get inspired by.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This is one of the most vibrant vacation hotspots on South Carolina’s Atlantic coast. Could you imagine a better vacation than the one you spend at a beach house with your closest friends? Yes: a beach house in Myrtle Beach.

You’ll explore more than 60 miles of the most pristine coastline you’ve ever seen. You’ll find lots of places to party, but you’ll also discover those private spots where you can just sit, watch the sunset, breathe and enjoy life.


2. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

No other sight could impress you more. The best part is, you’ll have lots of other popular attractions to see within walking distance as well as affordable places to stay.

If you go to the Canadian side, don’t forget to bring your passport. If you don’t want to hop over the border, you can also see the American Falls in New York. Whatever your choice is, be ready for some breathtaking views. Need some help getting there? We’ve got you covered with our 8 Hidden Google Maps Tricks for Travel.


3. Havasu Falls, Arizona

Havasu Falls is another great option for those who would rather go South. While the water is not as powerful as Niagara Falls, the surroundings are magical and you can feel a deep connection with nature. Get ready for a life changing experience!


4. Key West, Florida

What do you think of when you think of summer? Sun, sand and blue waters… Florida. The people in Key West are so laid-back and seem to not have a single care in the world. Since you’ll have more than enough time to spend on the beach, be sure to bring a couple good reads.


5. New Orleans, Louisiana

Spending entire days on the beach sounds boring? Oh, you’re one of those people. You’re looking for an active vacation, huh? You want to sense some history and unique lifestyle? Two words: Bourbon Street.

Although New Orleans is most famous for its Mardi Gras celebration in February, there’s still plenty to do here in the summer as well including live music, dancing and of course beignets.


6. Austin, Texas

Austin is an iconic American city that’s definitely worth a road trip. As a student, you might be wondering what’s there to do in Austin during a long, hot summer. Lots! Sixth Street, in particular is full of unique art galleries to explore and you’ll see live music performers everywhere you walk. The nightlife here is as exciting as it gets so don’t skip out on that. Toss on the Ultimate Travel Playlist during your ride and take in the Texas atmosphere along the way!


7. Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

You don’t like the beach. You don’t like active night life. You’re not an artsy person. Nature, maybe? A road trip to Tennessee is a great option for you! The beautiful Smoky Mountains give you landscapes to enjoy and quiet moments to reflect on life. If you’re on a strict budget, rent a cabin and split it among your friends.


8. Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado

Sandboarding. Doesn’t that sound cool? Here, you’ll have the opportunity to try something new that many people have never even heard of! You’ll meet plenty of other students who are ready for an adventure too.

Don’t worry, you won’t spend your entire days sandboarding. There’s lots more to do in this national park including hiking, horseback riding, hunting and fishing… it’s the vacation you always wanted to have when you were a kid.


9. Las Vegas, Nevada

Remember, you don’t have to stay at the most expensive hotels. Choose a more affordable option, but enjoy the free attractions at fancy hotels. If you decide to gamble, be careful! Vegas can quickly become an expensive and disappointing vacation if you get sucked in. Nonetheless, the nightlife scene in Vegas is a one-of-a-kind and should be experienced at least once in your life.



Are you ready for this? Of course you are! Call your friends, pick a destination together and get ready for some fun times and good vibes on your next road trip! With less time in terrible airports and more time living life to the fullest, how could you pass a road trip up?

Jessica Freeman

Jessica Freeman is a professional journalist and a devoted freelance content writer from Australia. She often contributes her content writing pieces to Australian Writings Company. Jessica enjoys writing, traveling, and learning new things. Read about college life and find great writing tips on her blog for students. Meet her on Facebook and Twitter.


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