You’re young, it’s summer, what’s better than camping at music festivals with unique atmospheres and great music?! Attending a festival is a great way to unwind, listen to your favorite musicians, dance all night and even make new friends in a new corner of the world. 

You have been studying and working all year and now is the ideal time for travel and adventure. Not sure who to travel with? No problem. Traveling alone is a great opportunity to make new friends! Here’s your “survival guide” for this summer from what festivals to attend to what to bring with you to accommodation options.


The Best European Music Festivals In 2017

Before starting our music festivals survival guide, let’s make a short summary of the most exciting events this summer featuring some of the best live singers, bands, and DJ’s the world has to offer!

  • Umbria Jazz in Perugia, Italy – July 7th- 16th
  • Ultra Europe in Split, Croatia – July 14th – 16th
  • Nice Jazz Festival in Nice, France – July 17th – 21st
  • Heineken Jazzaldia in San Sebastian, Spain – July 20th – 25th
  • Nature One in Kastellaun, Germany –  August 4th – 6th
  • Sziget in Budapest, Hungary –  August 9th – 16th


Camping Tips

Why should you consider camping as an opportunity? Of course staying at a hotel or hostel is more comfortable, however, it won’t allow you to experience the excitement and authentic atmosphere of a music festival fully because you will be too far from the crowd and all the action. Staying at the camping city will give you the maximum experience and emotion from the event because you’ll be completely absorbed by the music, fun, and festivities!

How to choose a good spot? You need to plan in advance! Do some research, look at the festival gear guide or read a few articles about festival camp ideas to learn more about the event, destination, and the opportunities that it offers for accommodation and food. How to choose a good tent? Give the preference to the rapid pitch and light tents!

Also, think about your luggage in advance! Attending a music festival is much different from simply going on a vacation. Such event is a type of “active” pastime, and thus, you should only take the most important things with you and try to reduce the volume of your luggage as much as possible!


What to Pack to Survive A Music Festival

Here are the top tips to make your music festival experience comfortable and carefree!

  • Car parks are usually located quite far away so you should pack light in order to avoid carrying huge luggage all around with you.
  • Take care of all the basic toiletries like hand sanitizer, wet wipes, napkins, dry shampoo, and also some medicine that’ll help you to survive any extreme situations!
  • Pack a pair of earplugs in case you would like to get some sleep!
  • Check the weather forecast and pack items for an array of conditions, a rain jacket, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip-flops, etc…
  • Bring a light towel or a personal seat with you because there is a lack of seats around the festival area so you might face troubles when you look for a place to sit down and relax.
  • Don’t get lost! One of the most popular and the effective ways to find your friends in a crowd is to carry a flag with you that you can raise above the crowd to help your friends find you.
  • Have a portable charger with you with a long-lasting battery to keep your phone and other devices always charged! There’s nothing worse than having your phone die!
  • It is also useful to have portable Wi-Fi with you, but if you have a smartphone and a charger you can easily use the mobile Internet whenever you need it.
  • Keep in mind that buying drinks during music festivals will be expensive! You should bring a pack of water and a small bottle that you can carry with you during the whole day. There are also plenty of ways to travel cheap without compromising so don’t worry about a budget constraining your experience!

Sandra Hayward

Sandra J. Hayward is a Miami Dade college MBA graduate that is interested in academic research and writing but does not want to depend on the rigorous schedule. That is why she has been collaborating with EduBirdie for a long time as a freelance writer and enjoys her flextime a lot.


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