Every year, more and more graduates are opting to go Interrailing instead of committing to a full gap year of air travel. This is because Interrailing is a liberating experience.

It allows you to see all the wonders that Europe beholds for a fraction of the cost of regular travelling. If you want to explore the beautiful European cities, but are working with a small budget, Interrailing could be perfect for you.

Interrail tickets are extremely flexible and have a wide variety of pricing options. Depending on how long you want to travel, where you would like to go and how long you would like to stay there, Interrailing gives you endless possibilities. You can choose to stay within one country, or explore many depending on your budget and preferences.

How Does Interrailing Work?

There are a variety of passes available depending on your travel preferences. Firstly, you have the option of a ‘global pass’ or ‘one country pass’. The global pass allows unlimited travel across Europe for up to a month of continuous travel. Other passes allow up to 8 days travel within one month.

You might be city hopping but want to travel to more destinations than your ticket permits. The best way to plan this is to save your most expensive journeys for your Interrail ticket, while funding the smaller journeys yourself. If you travel outside of peak times, then you can save yourself a lot of money doing this. For example, if you are traveling across Italy and want to stop off in Pisa from Florence, then it would be more cost-effective to pay the small train fare between the two cities.

Where To Go?

There are 30 different countries for you to discover with your Interrail ticket. These include Italy, France, Germany, Holland, Norway and Switzerland, which are all amazing cities and marked as top choices according to the Interrail website. Choosing where to go can be the hardest part, but planning your adventure is one of the most exciting parts of the experience.

Before you embark on your journey, be sure to fill out your Interrail booklet before you board the train. If your ticket book isn’t filled out, with the times, date and details before you board, you can get fined! Some ticket collectors are more forgiving than others, but why risk it?

As well as exploring all of the biggest European destinations, some of the most enriching experiences can be found off the beaten track. Here are some of our favorite interesting, picturesque and affordable destinations to visit.

FYR Macedonia

Interrailing is one of the best ways to truly view Macedonia. From the peaks of the many mountains to the impressive lakes and beautiful untouched countryside; Macedonia is somewhere you’ll definitely want to return. It’s a relaxed destination compared to others on offer, with it being more of a place for exploring the countries rich history than nightclubbing.

But don’t be fooled – there’s plenty of bustling bars and restaurants overlooking the lake if you want to take in the extraordinary views while partying with friends. Macedonia is known for being one of the cheapest places to travel in Eastern Europe, so with plenty to see and do, it’s a favorite contender for many.


Poland is an increasingly popular tourist destination, particularly for the growing number of students who are interesting in exploring Krakow. From ancient cities with powerful history to stunning white sand beaches, Poland has something for everyone. There’s also the notoriously amazing nightlife, with the capital hosting many bar crawl tours. Don’t forget to sample the famous homemade vodka with the locals.


One of the best things about Interrailing is that you may visit somewhere you had never planned on exploring before. Romania isn’t a typical holiday destination, but it has so much to offer. Interrail recommends the route from Bucharest, down to the stunning beaches of Mamaia and then onto the cultural hub of Constanta. Many people don’t know that Romania is a country filled with breathtaking scenery and coasts, offering water sports and scenic views along the Făgăraş Mountains.


Train is an excellent way to travel around Croatia. The route will take you across the scenic coastline to all the cities. So, explore the highlights of Zagreb, Spilt and Pula before you cross to the virtually untouched islands. Croatia is also a popular destination for water sport lovers. There are plenty of opportunities to take to the sea with windsurfing, wake-boarding and snorkeling activities.

Czech Republic

The journey across Czech Republic offers panoramic views before you even reach your destination. Prague is well known for its spectacular nightlife and rich culture, which makes it a central hub for tourists. Away from Prague, the Moravian Karst in the east includes over 1,000 caves and gorges. Public tours are often run around the area so you can explore every nook and cranny.

Remembering the essentials

If you’re traveling across a country or across Europe, then the key is to pack light and wisely. Seasoned Interrailers will advise you to pack for comfort as well as fashion. If you’re travelling across country, then you should do some research into the best travelling pillow to use.

If you want to capture your favorite moments, then a GoPro can be your perfect companion! Whether you’re canoeing, riding a bike, on a hike, then you can strap it to you and capture your whole experience. There are tons of cool tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your camera. Whether you’re going to warmer or snowy destinations, it’s important to pack sunscreen so that you can enjoy the rest of your trip without being burned!

What Are You Waiting For?

If you’re stuck on choosing the perfect destination for your holiday, then why not pick them all? The freedom of an Interrail pass gives you a unique opportunity to discover Europe at a great price. So, grab your map and start ticking places off your bucket list with an unlimited Interrail pass.


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