Virginia is for lovers, so the song goes, but turns out there’s a lot of pretty awesome romantic destinations. Head’s up: romance isn’t just for the beach! Go waterfall rappelling in Costa Rica, see the Northern Lights in Norway or ride a gondola in Venice, Italy. Looking for a quick but romantic weekend trip? We’ve got plenty of romantic destinations in the US, too. Just keep scrolling to find your next romantic getaway.

1. Santorini, Greece.

There’s few places in the world that are quite as romantic as Santorini. Between the iconic whitewashed houses with blue roofs, the rugged cliffs sweeping into the Mediterranean Sea and the unreal sunsets, there’s romance literally everywhere. Spend a week relaxing by the sea, walking around the iconic streets, watching sunsets and eating the all the souvlaki and gyros you can handle.

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2. Oslo, Norway.

Not up for a trip to the beach? Head to Norway! Oslo is often overlooked for a romantic getaway, but despite the cold weather, a trip to Norway can really get the sparks flying. If you’re traveling in the winter, you’ve got a great chance of seeing the northern lights—make the most of it by spending a night under the stars in a glass-roofed igloo. (What’s more romantic than stargazing?) If you’re here in the summer, a boat cruise through the fjords will you have ooh-ing and ahh-ing over more than just each other.

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3. Bali

If you want to go really romantic, Bali is the ultimate romantic beach destination. Imagine: spending all day relaxing together on white sand beaches, snorkeling through colorful coral reefs, or hiking through lush tropical rainforests in the mountains. Sound pretty ideal? That’s because it is. Whether you want to hit the beach or the mountains, party every night or chill out with a yoga retreat, Bali has something for everyone—and for every couple.

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4. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston’s quaint downtown districts and amazing food scene make for a perfect romantic getaway. Spend a day strolling through the French Quarter—the pastel buildings and cobblestone sidewalks will transport you to Europe even as the palm trees and plentiful BBQ keep you rooted in Charleston’s charming southern hospitality. Head to Sullivan’s Island if you want a quiet walk along the beach or Charleston’s Waterfront Park for stargazing.

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5. Italy

From Rome to Venice to the Amalfi Coast, what isn’t romantic about Italy? Walk through ancient city streets, ride in a gondola down the canals of Venice and enjoy candlelit dinners with heaping plates of pasta and pizza. If the history and beauty of Italy’s ancient cities isn’t enough to spark the romance, head out to the Amalfi Coast for a drive (or train ride) through picturesque seaside towns and romantic beaches.

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6. Kauai, Hawaii

We’re not saying Hawaii is perfect for everyone, we’re just saying that we’ve never met someone who didn’t enjoy it. And when it comes to a tropical romantic getaway, Kauai is one of the most romantic islands around. It’s probably most recognized for it’s famous Nā Pali Coast, which has made a cameo in several movies (and also has trails running through it, if you wanna see it up close). Kauai is a lot quieter than it’s popular neighbor, Oahu—which means plenty of time to soak in the sand, surf and tons of incredibly scenery, just the two of you.

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7. Antigua

White sand beaches and bright blue water: Antigua tops the list of most romantic Caribbean destinations. It’s got an energetic food and drink scene without losing any of the calm that a white-sand beach has to offer. For a place to watch the sunset or hang out for Sunday brunch, hike from English Harbor to Shirley Heights—you’ll have a stunning lookout over the island and ocean. Even considering the amazing beaches and snorkeling, this might be the best view in Antigua.

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8. Costa Rica

Over the traditional romantic spots? Head to Costa Rica for an adventurous trip that’ll put your love in the wild. Go ziplining, white-water rafting or even waterfall rappelling. Costa Rica‘s stunning rainforests and beaches will give any couple a solid dose of adventure. And if you still haven’t gotten enough adrenaline, you can sample some of Costa Rica’s famous coffee for an extra caffeine boost.

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9. Napa, California

Just need a weekend trip that’s closer to home? Napa is the perfect place to slow down, relax and enjoy some of the finer things in life. Take a scenic drive or bike ride through the Napa Valley. Pack a picnic and enjoy a leisurely afternoon in a vineyard. Try a wine tour through the valley or take a cooking class at a local winery. If you really need to unwind, find some time to soak in one of the natural hot springs.

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10. Bar Harbor, Maine

Not to worry, East-Coasters, we’ve got you covered, too. Head on up to Bar Harbor for a romantic weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The easiest—and cheapest!—way to enjoy Bar Harbor is to simply enjoy all the natural beauty around you and let yourselves unwind. It’s the perfect romantic setting for long drives along the coast or picnics on the beach. And with Bar Harbor neighboring the picturesque Acadia National Park, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a spontaneous adventure.

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11. Sedona, Arizona

You might not think of Sedona as a romantic destination (yet), but that’s only because it’s totally underrated. The stunning red-rock canyons, quiet and mild desert climate and upbeat arts scene makes for a perfect Southwestern romantic getaway. Spend the weekend hiking in rock canyons (the Airport Mesa and Munds Wagon trails offer great panoramic views!) or head into town and stuff yourself full of Mexican food while watching the sunset.

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12. Budapest, Hungary

For a unique romantic getaway, try Budapest, Hungary—it’s perfect for full days exploring a romantic, ancient city. Stroll through the streets and enjoy the stunning architecture and delicious street food. (Don’t miss the Buda Castle!) While you’re there, be sure to take an afternoon to relax at the Szechenyi Thermal Bath—nothing says relaxing and romantic like an entire afternoon at an massive and ornate thermal-spring bathhouse.

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13. Cappadocia, Turkey

Cappadocia has some seriously otherworldly landscapes to transport you and your boo to something totally unique. Stroll through the markets or wander through the “fairy chimneys”—ancient rock formations that shift colors during the sunset. And if Cappadocia itself isn’t magical enough, nothing says romance like a hot air balloon ride for two. (Bonus points if you book a sunrise ride!)

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14. Paris, France

What would this list be without a nod to the ultimate romantic getaway? The City of Love offers romance around every bend—mornings with croissants and coffee in sidewalk cafes, afternoons picnicking under the Eiffel Tower and evening walks along the river Seine. Plus, flights to Europe are cheaper than ever, so a trip to Paris might be easier than you’d imagine. Because at the end of the day, Paris is always a good idea.

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