Europe's Most Unusual Museums

11-21-2013 9-09-16 AM

If you have already had the privilege of visiting the Louvre, the British Museum in London, and the Guggenheim, or simply cannot be bothered with the crowds and price tag associated with these establishments, you may find yourself rambling about the streets of Europe without much of a destination. However, many European cities have quirky cultural characteristics that they are very proud of; so proud of, in fact, that they have a museum established to celebrate this certain feature. This list contains four museums where the “average tourist” (not you, of course) may never step foot. (more…)

The Staycation: Low on Cost, High on Fun

IMG_0780There’s nothing quite like the feeling of traveling abroad, but what about those days when your bank balance won’t permit a lengthy journey? The answer may lie in a “staycation”, a ridiculous word with a great concept. By budgeting correctly and making smart financial decisions, you too can embark on a staycation and have a fantastic travel experience in your own hometown for a negligible amount of money.