New Zealand's South Island

Top 5 Things to Do in New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country and Auckland is an incredibly amazing city. However, once you leave the city life of the North Island and head south, you’ll soon find yourself questioning why you spent so much time in the city.  New Zealand’s South Island is easily rated the more beautiful of the two islands. Read More

Uncovered: 3 Secret European Beaches Only the Locals Know

Cold, wet and miserable are just some of the descriptions of winter weather. Often, in the midst of this dreary season, our minds are flooded with dreams of laying on the beach or basking in the sun. However, once the time comes, we often find ourselves lingering over the same old question: WHERE DO WE GO?  Read More

Making Friends While Traveling Solo

It’s no secret that traveling solo can be exhilarating, confidence-building, and downright fun–but that doesn’t mean you won’t also want to pick up some friends along the way.

Reaching out to complete strangers can be intimidating, trust me–I know. But remember: there are other solo travelers out there who want to find a friend just as much as you do. Read More


A Foodies Guide to Copenhagen

Copenhagen is filled with some of the happiest people in the world — officially. Named the happiest country on earth in 2016, Copenhagen has a lot to offer. Most people know about the amazing scenic views and canals but this location is a foodies dream. Experience the best of all meals in this beautiful city with this must-see foodies guide to Copenhagen.

Read More


Why the White House Wants You to Study Abroad

In 2013, nearly 300,000 students studied abroad from the United States, a number that represents about 1% of all U.S. students enrolled at institutions of higher education in the United States and under 10% percent of U.S. graduates (according to NAFSA). The White House thinks we can do better. As a point of comparison, there… Read More

Top reasons to try group travel [VIDEO]

Transcript There are certain things in life that are simply better with company – and travel can be one of them. If you’re eager to take a trip somewhere, then, consider some of these key advantages to doing so in a group. First of all, there’s a certain comfort that comes with group travel. Since… Read More