As we’re all making our year in review posts on insta or tiktok, saying goodbye to 2022, and prepping some resolutions to say hello to 2023, now’s a great time to consider where you want the next year to take you. Whether your next year’s priorities are graduating or getting fit or spending less time on social media, one thing is for sure: it’s time to get traveling! And here are the destinations for 2023 that you should be considering:

Street view of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France, one of the top destinations for 2023.

Paris, France

Hard to argue for reasons not to get there, Paris is the city of lights, of love, and is a fantastic spot for just about any kind of traveler. Whether you’re aiming to hit all the tourist sites, or wanting to get down with the locals, you’ll find great food and tons of activities to choose from. Like:

  • visit the Louvre
  • tour the catacombs
  • eat some pastries
Mt Fuji, Chureito Pagoda or Red Pagoda with sakura in spring, in Japan.


A trip to Japan is sure to give you tons of diversity. While you’re there, you’ll be able to see everything from flashy and innovative city spaces to rich historic architecture to amazing landscapes. Looking for the best activities to add to your trip itinerary? Try:

  • relaxing in an onsen
  • some kawaii sweets and treats in Harajuku
  • exploring one of the many historic castles
Aerial view of the beach at the cruise center of Grand Turk in the Turks and Caicos Islands of the Caribbean.

Turks and Caicos

For the beach lovers, Turks and Caicos is 2023’s destination to be. The island is surrounded by bright blue waters and offers lots of white sand beaches. You might check out the popular Grace Bay Beach, or else discover a lesser known, more secluded beach for a quiet, relaxing day. While there, be sure to:

  • Scuba dive or snorkel in the coral reefs
  • eat BBQ and Jamaican jerk on the beach
  • go on a guided cave tour
The Pike Place Market in central Seattle, Washington on the  waterfront after sunset.

Seattle, Washington

Seattle is known for a few things specifically. Coffee, Nirvana, tech companies, and rain. While you may actually want to visit for the coffee (see the first Starbucks, anyone?), the others probably aren’t what will draw you there. Instead, consider all the awesome things Seattle has to do. Like many cities, there are some really cool museums to see, you’re literally surrounded by some amazing mountain ranges, and you can find lots of breweries, thrift stores, and a variety of restaurants to fill your days. Need more activity ideas? Go to:

  • Pike Place Market
  • the Underground tour
  • some great, free parks (like Gas Works Park, Discovery Park, and Carkeek Park)
Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, Chile, one of the top destinations for 2023


Outdoor enthusiasts, this one’s for you. There are seemingly endless opportunities for unique adventures in this country. Ski, hike, or mountain bike in the Andes. See deserts, or glaciers, or lush valleys. Maybe even journey to the southernmost point in the world (besides Antarctica)? Just make sure you:

  • wander the maze-like streets of Valparaíso
  • explore Patagonia
  • go wine tasting
The Gateway of India and boats as seen from the Mumbai Harbour in India.

Mumbai, India

Known as the City of Dreams, Mumbai is a perfect melding between city and nature vibes. You’ll be able to do plenty of sightseeing, and shopping, and eating. But you’ll also find some really nice beaches as well as urban parks filled with rare plants, and even a tiger population! To do list musts:

  • see the Gateway of India
  • shop in the bazaars
  • explore the Sanjay Gandhi National Park
DuSable bridge at twilight, in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago, Illinois

While it might seem like just about any American city, Chicago is filled with rich culture, unique food, and great music. Get some deep dish pizza, explore the blues and jazz music, and check out some cool architecture. Want more to do besides seeing The Bean? How about:

  • Visiting a comedy club (lots of famous comedians got their start here – including Tina Fey)
  • Taking an architecture walking tour or a river cruise
  • Shopping along the Magnificent Mile
Marienplatz town hall in Munich, Germany busy with people walking around on a sunny day.


There aren’t many destinations you can visit where your beer will literally be cheaper than your water, but this is one of them. Germany is rich with gorgeous landscapes, bustling cities, and quite a few castles. If you’re planning a trip for the later half of 2023, you should make sure to visit Oktoberfest or some of the Christmas markets that the country is known for. Things to do any time of year:

  • visit some castles (Burg Eltz and Neuschwanstein are at the top of our list!)
  • feast on some german food and beer
  • go on a river cruise along the Rhine
One of 2023's top destinations, an aerial view on a clear day on the Gold Coast, in Queensland, Australia.

Queensland, Australia

When you think Australia, you’re probably thinking either Sydney, or Queensland, which is home to the Great Barrier Reef, amazing coastlines, and great surf. This part of Australia has the perfect mix of city fun, ocean adventure, and outdoor exploration. You’ll find all of Australia’s quirky animals and can even venture into a rainforest. Whether you want excitement or relaxation, the answer is yes to Queensland in 2023! Down under must dos:

The seawall path in Stanley park in Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver, Canada

Reasons to put Vancouver on your list of destinations for 2023? The city is pretty, it’s vibrant, and it’s sooo global. Heading up into Canada is also a great way to head out of the US, without committing to long overseas flights. There are also tons of attractions and museums for you the pick and choose from while there! Some activity suggestions:

  • Drive the sea-to-sky highway (for the views)
  • explore Stanley park
  • go whale watching

So, which of this destinations for 2023 sounds best? Where will this next year take you?