Been awhile since you had a good vacation? We can help with that. If you’re not sure where you want to go in 2022, but are pretty sure it involves anywhere that gets you out of your house, here’s the inside scoop on trips you might want to book this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These destinations have it all—great destinations for students, easy-to-plan for spring break or summer trips, and, of course, have tons of deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

So where are you off to? Scroll down to see our list of best trips to book this year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

Las Vegas 

If you need a few nights to forget the real world, why not head to Vegas for a girl’s (or guy’s) weekend and enjoy some world-class entertainment and activities? Food, fun and year-round sunshine make Vegas the perfect place to get away for a weekend. The flights are cheap, and our student discounts on hotels make things even more affordable than ever. Just remember the golden rule: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but the deals you get on flights should definitely be shared with friends. 

Look for deals on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday


It’s been awhile since the Great White North was open for travelers, but now is a great time to head for a visit to our Northern neighbors. Head to Vancouver if you’re looking for delicious food and outdoor adventures (skiing in Whistler, anyone?) or plan a trip to Montreal if you’re looking for amazing Christmas markets and celebrations. Not traveling ‘til next spring or summer? Take a few weeks to enjoy one of Canada’s best road trips

Look for deals on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday


There’s a reason Dubai was chosen for our Student Destination of the Year in 2021—between the stunning modern architecture and skyscrapers, the fascinating history and culture, delicious food, and of course, the World Expo, there’s a lot to discover in Dubai. But if you didn’t get a chance to go in 2021, you definitely need to add it to your list for 2022! Visit the tallest skyscraper in the world or go scuba diving, stay in a luxurious hotel or go camping in a Bedouin-themed camp in the desert—there’s something for everyone in Dubai. 

Look for deals on: Cyber Monday


You know the saying: Paris is always a good idea. And while that’s true, there’s no better time to book your flights than on Cyber Monday. Head to the City of Lights and bring some magic into the new year! Picnic under the Eiffel Tower, eat your fill of baguettes and French onion soup, stroll through the picture-perfect streets or spend a rainy day inside one of Paris’ many museums. With our Cyber Monday deals on flights to Paris, you’ll be able to spend way less on flights and way more on croissants. 

Look for deals on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Costa Rica 

Calling all adventure-lovers: if you’re looking for the ultimate destination for adrenaline, adventure and new experiences, look no further than Costa Rica. It’s home to whitewater rafting, waterfall-rappelling, ziplining, scuba diving, volcano hikes, surfing, horseback riding and more. If you need a break, you can always just get a burst of energy from a visit to a coffee plantation or spend a few days relaxing on the beach. Even better: Costa Rica is a really affordable destination, making it even easier to see on a budget. 

Look for deals on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday


Looking to add relaxation to your to-do list in 2022? We gotchu—find super cheap flights to Cancun on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and head out for the ultimate relaxation getaway. Whether you stay in Cancun or head out to another nearby destination like Tulum or Holbox, there will be no shortage of picture-perfect sandy beaches to unwind on. Don’t worry about getting bored, though—between surf lessons, cenotes, ancient Mayan ruins, shopping and more, there’s plenty to do, too.

Look for deals on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday


While there’s hardly a bad time for a visit to the UK, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the best times to book flights to London. We always have some deals and airlines often slash fares on popular routes as well, meaning double discounts for you! Whether you’re going over winter break, studying abroad in the spring or just planning a European getaway, a cheap ticket to London is a great way to kick off your trip. 

Look for deals on: Cyber Monday


Thinking ahead to spring break? You should be, because Black Friday is a great time to book spring break tickets. Why not stick with a classic beach trip to somewhere like Miami or Fort Lauderdale? Whether you want to chill out on the beach, learn to surf or enjoy the popular art, shopping and nightlife in Miami, there’s something for everyone in your friend group. Plus, with our great deals on US flights this Black Friday, you’ll likely be able to score a really good deal.

Look for deals on: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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