The richness of our different identities, stories and perspectives is what makes our travels so unique and inspirational. February may be Black History Month, but these 10 Black travel bloggers are spicing up our Instagram feeds with travel tips and wanderlust literally every day. Check out our favorite young black travel Instagrammers who are killing the travel game, and teaching you how to do it too. 

1. Malia (@alikaadventure)

Malia is that typical young person who claims that “studying abroad changed their life” – but it’s not a cliché, it’s true! During university, she studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa and Dubrovnik, Croatia where her love for seeing the world was sparked. Since then, she’s started her page so that she can share how other young people, like her, can travel on a budget too. Her style is colorful and exciting.

2. Ciara (@hey_ciara)

Ciara’s story is super inspirational. Have you ever dreamt of just selling everything to go travel? Well, Ciara did it! She studied abroad whilst in university where she started her blog… then entered the corporate world after graduating and realized that there was so much more for her. In 2017 she quit, sold everything and left! And she’s still going – participating just in Airbnb’s world tour, travelling to 18 countries and 6 continents in 80 days. For encouragement to just go, and travel, even if it’s solo – Ciara is your girl.

3. Pelumi (@black.kintsugi)

In 2018, Pelumi took over 90 flights, flying nearly every weekend, sometimes multiple times in a week. That year, she learnt to recite by memory the airplane safety speech given at the start of every flight and has now traveled to nearly every country in Europe, with only Belarus and Russia left to visit. What makes this even more incredible is that Pelumi is a science PhD student: in the lab during research hours, on a flight in between. She’s energetic, amazingly positive and her page will no doubt energize you to take your next adventure.

4. Clé (@alivelikethewind)

We often talk about travel giving us life-changing experiences, and that was definitely the case for Clé. After quitting law school and feeling like he had hit rock bottom, Clé took a trip to the Middle East, where he lived and traveled for many years. He discusses how this trip helped him find faith and sparked his creativity. He talks about travelling “deeper” – you don’t need to go far to find more, even within your back garden. For soul searching travel captions that make you think, Clé is one to follow.

5. Sam (@callmeadventurous)

Sam is a theatre masters student, showing us the world through her colourful lens. She doesn’t shy away from telling her story of starting her masters in London twice, living in New York, and traveling to 33 countries all in between. The authenticity of her personal story, as well as her advocacy for body positivity and self-love, makes her page feel like travel therapy with a strong dose of human realness that you will certainly connect with. 

6. Maryjane (@maryjanebyarm)

In 2018, at just the age of 22, Maryjane set out to travel to 100 countries in 365 days. She vlogged her time throughout: exploring some amazing destinations, being honest about the cost, learning different languages, and more. Coupled with her YouTube channel, her travel and lifestyle Instagram is sure to keep you energized to travel too.

7. Gabby (@packslight)

Gabby is a Gen-Z traveler who quit her job last year to travel the world—right before the pandemic. Nevertheless, she’s continued to follow her dreams—and teach you how to do the same! She’s the queen of finding travel scholarships, free travel opportunities, remote work and more, and she’ll teach you to do the same. Plus, she’ll serve up some insta-worthy wanderlust to your feeds too.

8. Karl (@karl_shakur)

Karl’s feed is one big wanderlust bomb. Architect major by degree, adventure photographer by profession – Karl pulls out all the stops to capture stunning imagery of mountain ranges, desert landscapes and tropical settings. If you just need a bit of virtual wanderlust, there’s plenty to be found here!

9. Ashlee (@ashleemajormoss)

Have you ever come across a picture of someone on holiday, and thought “I want to be there”? Imagine a whole feed filled with pictures like this, and you’ve got Ashlee’s Instagram. In 2018, Ashlee took an 8 month solo trip to South East Asia, and her dreamy pictures and cinematic videos will definitely put her destinations on your travel bucket list!

10. Raeah (@_fearlessnomad)

Raeah is a 22 year old, young black travel Instagrammer who’s all about traveling wisely, so that you can do it on a budget. She shares all her travel finance tips on her blog, giving tips from her university gap year backpacking through the USA to Mexico, and working in France – all while staying with locals to save money! Learning how to have a culturally immersive experience on a budget is definitely a win-win!

Who’s your favorite travel blogger to follow on Instagram? DM us your favorites and share the love!

Abena Kusi

Abena is young traveler and writer, seeing the world at all costs – sometimes solo, always on a budget. She desires to see other young people take the opportunity to follow their travel dreams, no matter the challenges. For more travel inspiration, follow her on Instagram at @travellingtuesdays