Don’t let Black Friday and Cyber Monday pass you by! There are so many great deals for flights all around the world that you don’t want to miss out on. Choosing where to go and who to go with can be difficult. But don’t worry because it’s written in the stars! Keep reading to find out where you should book a trip based on your zodiac sign.



Enthusiastic and ready for a trip of a lifetime, Aries will thrive in a place that has as much to see and do as possible. Sydney, Australia is a great destination to explore. Take a trip to the Sydney Opera House or spend the day on the beautiful sandy shore.


Costa Rica

Compassionate and caring, Taurus deserves a trip that will have them giving themselves some self care. Head to Costa Rica for your next trip to experience the warm weather and the crystal blue waters. You might not want to leave by the end of your trip!



There’s no place like Barcelona! If you’re a Gemini you probably love meeting new people and don’t mind being impulsive. Barcelona is the perfect place for your zodiac sign to explore the architecture and city streets. Go on a solo trip or book a trip with your besties!



If you’re a Cancer, you’re intuitive and loyal. Spending time with your friends on the beaches of Hawaii would be the perfect trip for you! Book your trip for spring break early and you’ll get all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.



If you’re a Leo, you’re often the life of the party and your energy and excitement is contagious. Taking a trip to a bustling city like Tokyo would set you right at ease. Bring your friends or family along for some quality time while exploring the shops and street food in Tokyo.



Trying to find the best deals on Black Friday for your next trip? London is calling your name. If you’re a Virgo, you are loyal, hardworking and practical. It’s the perfect time to book a well-deserved trip and London is full of history and fun things to do.



Libras are all about balance in life and for travel. Get a perfect balance of relaxation and touristy destinations when you book a trip to Rome this Black Friday. Taking a trip to this beautiful Italian city will have you soaking up all the rich history and eating all the gelato and pasta you can!



Taking control of situations is something Scorpios do best. Take control of your next vacation and visit a place full of culture and history. Berlin, Germany has a balance of both and is the perfect place to spend time away from your busy life. Spend the day visiting museums and experiencing all that the city has to offer.



It’s your time of the year Sagittarius! Book a trip to Bangkok, Thailand for an unforgettable trip you deserve! With a hunger to be constantly learning more, Bangkok will give you the perfect avenue to explore the most visited city in the world! You’ll never be bored in a city with as much to do as this one.


New Zealand

As one of the most ambitious signs, you definitely deserve a break from all the stress from classes and work. Take a trip to somewhere exotic that will have you feeling rested and relaxed. We suggest booking a trip to New Zealand so you can spend your vacation skydiving.


Machu Picchu

This year, independent Aquarius should plan a solo trip to somewhere new! Take some quality time for yourself and discover a place that fulfills your adventure. Peru is the perfect place to go to be immersed in the culture and get lost in the maze of Machu Picchu.



If you’re a Pisces, you’re compassionate and sensitive. You’re imaginative and always looking for something fun to do. Take a break from your busy life and spend a week strolling along the streets of Paris and having a picnic next to the Eiffel Tower.

Ready to book a trip to your dream destination based on your zodiac sign? Check out the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on our site and plan your next vacation!