It’s almost time for our favorite time of the year! No, not Thanksgiving or New Year’s Eve. It’s almost Black Friday and Cyber Monday, aka book-tons-of-flights-for-super-cheap day. Every year, we pull out all the stops and offer tons of deals way beyond our normal discounts.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are our best flight deals of the year, so get ready! Wondering what deals we’re going to have or how to find the best discounts? Keep reading for all the insider info. 

Coming soon: these hot deals

Typically, you can save up to 30% off with our regular student discounts. Black Friday and Cyber Monday, though, are a totally different story. We’ll have major discounts and savings with promo codes up to an additional $200 off! Some of our discounts will be for specific airlines, some will be destination-specific, and of course, we’ll have a few promo codes that will be good for any flight. 

Yeah, you read that right. In short, we’re going to have some kind of promo code for every single flight on our website. 

Need a one-way flight home for the holidays? We got you. Study abroad flights for next semester? Roundtrip flights for a long weekend? Done and done. Flights to Europe, India, Asia, the Middle East and more? Quadruple-check. 

Basically, if you need it, we got it (on sale). 

What’s better is that these Black Friday deals require no camping out, shoving in line and fighting through crowds of people. Pause your Netflix show, head to our website or app, grab your flight and call it a day. Back to the leftover turkey and chilling in your sweatpants. 

Best Deals from 2018 

Wondering just how low our fares can go? On Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the answer is usually prettyyyy low. Check out some of these deals from last year to see what kind of discounts you could be getting. 

Some tips to help you get the best deals ever: 

  • We’re going to have deals on every flight on our website, but there’s some secrets to finding the best deal. If you’re looking for domestic tickets (or any tickets) on United Airlines, we’ll have some incredible deals for you on Black Friday. If you’re looking for discounts for a specific destination, regardless of airline, check our Cyber Monday codes as well. Whether you’re looking for domestic or international flights, check on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, since we’ll have different codes on each day. 
  • Our Black Friday deals will be on November 29 and our Cyber Monday deals will be on December 2. Keep in mind that our promo codes are limited, so some of our best deals and codes run out FAST. Book early if you want to get the best deal! 
  • Make sure you don’t miss out by getting on our first-dibs list. We’ll send everyone that signs up for first dibs all the deals about 8 hours before everyone else, so you can get a head start. Even better, if you sign up for our first-dibs list, you’ll be automatically entered to win a $500 promo code! (Then you’ll be all set to get pretty much any flight you’ve been eyeing.) 

Don’t have any trips coming up? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the perfect time to book trips for next spring or summer. If you need some inspiration, scroll through our Instagram or check out our list of some trips you might want to book with our deals this year.