Are you starting to plan (or just dream of) your next trip for the new year? Start off by checking out the top 2017 destinations and see where the journey takes you.


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We carefully researched the most popular places to visit in 2017 and chose our top five destinations with students like you in mind. While they are all absolutely exquisite in their own way, they are each unique and offer some of the coolest experiences in the world.

1. Ibiza


If you’re looking for stunning beaches, huge yachts and thriving nightlife, this little island off the coast of Spain is perfect for you. Grab a group of friends, experience a wild boat party and enjoy the glistening turquoise sea.

Things to Do:

All-inclusive boat party

Paddle boarding and snorkeling

Cala Comte Beach

2. Iceland


This country is nothing short of incredible and is quickly becoming a vacation hot spot.  Everywhere you turn, there is a magical sight to see. Bask in the hot springs and treat yourself to a water massage, and later get a once-in-a-lifetime view of the Northern Lights. That pic will definitely beat your record for likes on Instagram.

Things to Do:

Blue Lagoon Spa

Northern Lights Tour

Þingvellir National Park

3. South Africa


Full of life and culture, South Africa is the place to go for adventure. Cage dive with sharks, kayak with crocodiles and hippos, or revel at the wildlife on an authentic safari. If you’re not into you know, risking your life, there’s plenty of other activities including hiking, exploring Cape Town and hitting the beautiful beaches.

Things To Do:

Kruger National Park

Canopy Tours

Table Mountain

4. Bali


Serene, beautiful and unique, Bali just might be your new favorite destination. Experience the iconic temples, meditate on some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world and embrace the rich culture surrounding you. It is even known for having the best infinity pools and most unique bars. Basically, Bali = paradise.

Things to Do:

Sekumpul Waterfalls

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

Tanah Lot Temple

5. Canada


Believe it or not, there’s a lot more to Canada than Niagara Falls. For those who love nature, Canada is the perfect vacation – hiking, skiing, National Parks galore! If you need some convincing, take a look at the unreal scenery at Banff National Park and you’ll want to be on the next flight out. If you’re more of a night owl, don’t worry. Montreal’s famous nightlife will not disappoint.   

Things to Do:

Banff National Park

Notre-Dame Basilica
Celebrate the sesquicentennial in cities across the country



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