With 2021 already halfway over, if you haven’t been traveling lately, your wanderlust is probably through the roof (as ours is basically always). If so, summer’s a great time to get a trip on the books and get away for some fun with your friends. Whether you’re taking a last-minute summer trip, hopping over to Europe (which is now reopened!), planning a big trip to look forward to next winter or scheduling in some weekend trips, there’s (finally!) a lot to see and do now—and there’s still cheap tickets to be found if you know where to look.

Luckily for you, we searched our databases to find the cheapest flights so you wouldn’t have to. Here’s 8 cheap destinations for 2021 to book your flights to now!

Which of these is on your bucket list for 2021? 

1. Los Angeles 

cheap destinations for 2021

From stunning beaches to the Walk of Fame and the iconic Hollywood and endless delicious restaurants and cuisines from around the world, Los Angeles packs a major punch when it comes to a vacation destination. Explore for a weekend or stay for a few weeks—you certainly won’t be bored! Luckily, flights in 2021 to Los Angeles are still pretty cheap right now. If you’re flying from the West Coast, find one-way flights from as little as $24* one-way or 70* roundtrip. Or fly from New York and you can still get there and back for under $200*!

Flights to Los Angeles from $24* one-way or $70* roundtrip 

2. Cancun 

cheap destinations for 2021

Need a sunny island destination for a 2021 escape from reality? Cancun is the place for you! You won’t need to do anything besides show up to your hotel (with a mask in hand) and get ready for a few days of relaxing on the beach. Crystal-clear warm water year-round is the perfect way to unwind after the most insane year ever. Both East Coast and West Coast flights are showing cheap deals to Cancun. Flights from cities like Chicago and Houston are as little as $250*—roundtrip!

Flights to Cancun from $123* one-way or $236* roundtrip

3. San Francisco

san francisco weekend trip

San Francisco is a popular escape for lots of travelers, whether you’re looking for a romantic weekend escape or an adventure with friends. From Pier 39 and Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park, there’s plenty to do for every kind of traveler. Head to some of SF’s famous museums if it’s a rainy day, take the ferry out to tour Alcatraz, head to the top of Twin Peaks for sunset views or take a day hike in the Muir Woods to see California’s famous redwood trees and get a break from the city.

Flights to San Francisco from $70* roundtrip 

4. New York 

New York is a destination that everyone should visit at least once. You’ll find a glamorous city with plenty of shows to see, art galleries to visit, parks to explore, delicious food to eat and things to do. With all the things you’ll have to do, it’s no wonder that New York is nicknamed the City that Never Sleeps (and you might not want to ever go to sleep, either!) With roundtrip flights to New York starting at just $96*, it’s definitely one of the cheapest destinations for 2021. Find the cheapest flights to New York from Dallas, Miami, Washington DC, Fort Lauderdale and Boston.

Flights to New York from $39* one-way or roundtrip from $96* 

5. Miami 

spring break florida

Sunny beaches? Check. Beachside cafes and bars? Check. A cool downtown area? Check. Miami has a lot to offer—a hip and trendy city and near-endless beaches means there’s something for almost everyone. Try your hand at water activities like surfing and scuba diving or hit up some of the shopping and posh hotels for a chic weekend getaway. Plus there’s trendy nightlife and art scenes plus plenty of outdoor festivals. Not to mention tons of good food options! Roundtrip tickets from New York start at just $97* for flights in July. What better place to escape for a summer getaway?

Flights to Miami from $87* roundtrip 

6. San Juan, Puerto Rico 

No passport? No problem! Puerto Rico is a US territory, so you won’t need a passport to enter. However, with a unique culture and a lot of history tucked away in the capital city of San Juan, it feels totally new. Of course, the colorful beachfront port town and warm Caribbean waters make it easy to add San Juan to your bucket list. But don’t forget Old San Juan, too. The historic quarter of town is filled with colorful streets and buildings dating back to the 16th-century, including two fortresses providing some of the best ocean views around. Even better, prices from New York and Chicago right now start around $200* roundtrip—not bad for a weekend getaway

Flights to San Juan from $192* roundtrip 

7. Chicago 

Although there’s enough to keep you busy exploring for years, Chicago is the perfect destination for a long weekend. It’s a very walkable downtown city and has plenty to do for every kind of traveler. Head to a few museums, like the iconic Art Institute of Chicago or perhaps the more obscure Museum of Surgical Science (free on Tuesdays!). Enjoy a walk or bike ride along the Chicago River. And don’t forget to snap a good selfie with the Chicago Bean! From Miami, flights start at just $91* roundtrip, so it’s definitely one of the cheapest destinations for 2021!

Flights to Chicago from $43* one-way or $91* roundtrip

8. Las Vegas 

Get lost on a glitzy weekend in Las Vegas! Book a hotel and then enjoy walking through (or staying at) the Venetian, the Paris Las Vegas and Caesars Palace. You can feel like you’re traveling the world from just one city! Whether you’re getting away with a significant other or planning a girls (or guys!) trip, Vegas makes for an excellent weekend getaway. Prices are cheap this summer from Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis and other US cities, so take advantage of these deals while they last.

Flights to Las Vegas from $27* one-way or $89* roundtrip

*All prices were current at the time of writing. However, prices are subject to change, so we can’t guarantee how long these fares will last! All prices are for flights between July 1, 2021 – October 1, 2021.