Do you really travel if you’re not going to share the coolest parts of your journey on Instagram? Inspire feelings of envy and FOMO in all of your followers. Or just catalog your travels to fondly look back on later. If the next flight you book brings you to Japan, you’ll be relieved to hear that the scenery in Japan is top notch.

When people think of Japan, so many instantly have images of Tokyo in mind. Tokyo is a city that is guaranteed to give you an exhilarating time, but venture outside the city to increase your insta game. You’ll be happier at the end of your travels if you feel as though you really explored all of what Japan has to offer. There are impressive mountains, pristine lakes, sandy beaches and all different spots exuding tranquility. Map out your trip now based on destinations that will leave you feeling the most awestruck. If not for yourself, do it for your Insta followers. Your endless posting of scenery in Japan won’t be considered overkill if your posts are amazing. So give the people what they want! Don’t forget to tag StudentUniverse on Instagram so we can regram your best shots and add the location so your followers can increase the size of their bucket list. You’ll be a travel photographer in no time.

Hitachi Seaside Park – Hitachinaka, Ibaraki

Hitachi Seaside Park is a sight you have to see to believe. It seems likely that Dr. Seuss himself dreamed this place up around the time he was working on “Horton Hears a Who!” There’s very few places on earth, if any, that can top this collection of colorful flowers. The flowers seem aligned in endless waves of that make everything about the park seem surreal. Whether you post a photo of the sprawling oasis-like Baby Blue Eye Flowers or the seemingly fluffy and inviting red Kochia flowers, your post will be a hit. Hundreds and hundreds of likes for sure. Be sure to check out the park’s flower calendar to see when different species are at their brightest.


Amanohashidate – Miyazu Bay, Kyoto Prefecture

Amanohashidate is the perfect Instagram post to show off your travel adventures without seeming like you’re trying to show off. It is said that the only way to view this pine-tree covered sandbar and see its beauty to the fullest is by turning your back to it, bending over and looking through your legs. This way, Amanohashidate will appear like a bridge to the heavens. Have someone take a photo of you admiring this heavenly bridge from the observatory! You’ll look like such a fun and quirky traveler you’re guaranteed to get a lot of likes. Of course, the stunning view may help out your post too. This sandbar is over two miles long and its span reaches all the way across the beautiful Miyazu Bay. Both impressive and exquisite, don’t miss one of the official Three Top Views of Japan. Only the best scenery in Japan could be given this title.


Lake Kussharo – Teshikaga,  Hokkaidō

If you want your Instagram followers to think you are one edgy traveler, how about a picture near a volcano? There’s even a rumored lake monster! How much more of a daredevil could you be? Your followers will be so impressed. Lake Kussharo’s central island is a volcano that creates hot springs and naturally heated sand all around this majestic lake. The views are stunning with mountains, volcanoes and lots of forestry. Scenery in Japan doesn’t get much better than this. One of the most enchanting times to visit Lake Kussharo is during the winter months. The sand stays nice and warm, but much of the water freezes over. The stark white Whooper Swans make Lake Kussharo even more surreal with their annual winter stay. Take a picture of this unique wildlife enjoying geothermal springs while surrounded by snow and ice. Now that’s a good Instagram!


Himeji Castle –  Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture

Visiting the largest and most visited castle in all of Japan is sort of required. Himeji Castle is just one of those sites that you absolutely can not skip—even James Bond didn’t skip it. You can see James Bond doing all sorts of James Bond-y things at Himeji Castle in the film You Only Live Twice. That’s reason enough to visit this hilltop castle! Think about all the clever Instagram captions you can make. This castle is a prime example of Japanese architecture and is the perfect place to learn about many Japanese myths and traditions. It was designed to look like a white heron taking flight. How do you feel about a Whooper Swan and white heron Insta aesthetic? The massive grounds of the castle host many tranquil gardens for some great candid shots too.


Kinkaku-ji Temple – Kyoto

Similar to Himeji Castle, Kinkaku-ji Temple is just one of those tourist destinations you can’t skip. It is a Zen Buddhist temple and is one of most visited sites in all of Japan, and probably the most photogenic temple there is. Its top two floors are covered in real gold and it sits right above the pond. Words can’t describe the magnificence of sunlight being reflected on both the water and gold-plated temple. This is the perfect place to get more in touch with Japan’s traditional culture. Explore the gardens nearby and stop for some tea and snacks at an authentic tea house. Drink tea while pretending you don’t know your picture is being taken. A perfect Instagram.

Nachi Falls – Nachikatsuura, Wakayama Prefecture

A photo of Nachi Falls is bound to get your Instagram some attention. Nachi Falls is the tallest individual waterfall in all of Japan—but there is even more to this potential Insta. Right in front of the falls is the Sanjunoto (three-story) Pagoda. Surrounded by cliffs covered in all sorts of greenery, there is no view quite like the one of Nachi Falls. There are also lots of hiking trails, pilgrimage routes and shrines in the area. If you’re traveling in July, be sure to time your visit with the Nachi Fire Festival. A celebration involving torches will definitely up your Insta’s game. You can’t skip this scenery in Japan.


Zaō Onsen – Yamagata, Yamagata Prefecture

Skiers and snowboards, rejoice! This is probably the most unique ski resort you could ever ski at. While not all of you may be skiers, the photo-ops alone should be motivation enough to try out the bunny hill. Located deep within Mount Zaō, this hot spring village is good for more than just skiing: enjoy some pampering at the spa. This resort provides many interesting Instagram posts with its seemingly endless snow-covered pine forest army. These trees are known as “snow monsters” because the sheer number of trees alone can seem ominous. Snap a picture while riding on a ski lift. The perfect angle!


Did we convince you? Book your cheap flight to Japan now and maybe invest in a portable charger. You don’t want your phone to die when searching for all this beautiful scenery in Japan. And as always, tag StudentUniverse on Instagram with your best travel posts! Don’t forget about us when you’re Insta famous.

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