It pretty much doesn’t matter who you are, Taiwan needs to be on your bucket list. There, we said it. We’ll even give you a list of reasons why. Just beware: by the end of this list you’ll be itching to book a trip to Taiwan. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Colorful culture 

taiwan culture

Sometimes it can take a while to really get used to a place. In Taiwan, though, you might find yourself feeling at home across the world very quickly. Maybe it’s because it’s a small island or because the locals are so friendly, but immersing yourself in the culture is super easy. Taiwanese culture—with everything from the ancient temples to the food and festivals—is something everyone should experience.

Allllll the food

Speaking of food, Taiwan is a foodie’s heaven. Taiwan has some of the most exquisite and sometimes interesting food selections in the world. If you are a brave tourist, be sure to try the stinky tofu. One more thing to cross off your bucket list, right? If you’re not feeling adventurous, there’s plenty of other foods in Taiwan that you’ll want to indulge in, from bubble tea and pineapple cake to beef noodle soup.

Visiting the night markets 

taiwan night market

Experience Taiwan’s culture, food and shopping scene all in one place: at the world-famous night markets. Taiwan’s night markets are famous for their high quality food stalls. However, they also have shopping, souvenirs and sometimes other things as well. As the name suggests, they’re also open quite late, usually past midnight. With everything from straight-up street food to gourmet, three-course meals for a budget (under $30 USD!), they’re the perfect place to cure your late-night munchies and see a unique side of Taiwan. Add Shilin Night Market and Huaxi Street Night Market to your bucket list: these are two of the most famous.

Eating at themed restaurants

Taiwan is home to some of the craziest themed restaurants. However, these might be a little less about the food and more about the experience…and maybe a little bit about the Insta opp. Some of these include Hello Kitty Shabu Shabu, Gudetama Cafe, or the Modern Toilet Cafe, where you literally eat your meal out of a toilet. There’s something for everyone, so be sure to put one of these unique restaurants on your Taiwan bucket list.

Outdoor Adventures

trip to Taiwan

Studying in Taiwan and need a break or just planning a vacation? Taiwan has some of the most underrated outdoor adventures! Go surfing, hang out on the beach, hike in mountains or rainforests, kayak or go white water rafting in rivers and gorges—need we go on? Whether you want to do something adventurous or just see some beautiful scenery, Taiwan’s got you covered.

Get around easily

Luckily for travelers, nothing is too far out of reach in Taiwan! It’s a small island with great public transportation, so it’s easy to get around. You won’t be limited to just a few activities and cities. Whether it is a short stop on your backpacking trip or you’re visiting Taiwan for a longer time, it’s easy to maximize your time and see a lot of the country


lantern festivals

No matter what time of year you decide to visit Taiwan, there’s most likely some kind of festival going on. From the fire fishing festival to the super-famous lantern festival to hot-air balloons, fireworks and more, Taiwan knows how to throw a party! Flexible dates for your trip? Check out what festivals are coming up and add one of them to your bucket list.   

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