It seems like just yesterday Denae was packing for her 90 day Snap Gap trip. Now she has already traveled throughout Japan as she begins her journey all over the world. See where she believe is the best place for a day trip from Tokyo. Come back to our travel blog in the future for more updates from Denae.

There’s plenty to do in Tokyo. But if you find a moment of quiet amidst the city’s hustle and bustle (while visiting the Meiji Shrine, perhaps), you might hear the call of the neighboring seaside city,

Approximately an hour away from Tokyo by train, this maritime metropolis holds plenty of relaxing ways to recharge before you head back to the Electric Town.

Cup Noodles Museumtokyo-day-trip-2

Perhaps the city’s largest claim to fame, the Cup Noodle Museum takes you through a sensory experience through the history of this beloved culinary staple. 

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For only 500 yen (about $5 USD), you can throw on an apron and head to the kitchen to craft your very own ramen. By the end of the class, you’ll walk away with new knowledge, a complimentary bandanna, and a tasty souvenir!tokyo-day-trip-4

tokyo day trip

tokyo day trip


tokyo day trip

The Cup Noodle Museum may entice you to come to Yokohama, but the nearby Chinatown will give you plenty to stay and look at.

Enjoying the title as Japan’s largest Chinatown, the neighborhood boasts shop after shop of cultural immersion. From music to food to clothing, the vibrant textures of Chinatown infuse life into any stroll around the

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Osanbashi Pier

A feat of architecture and urban planning, the pier treats any pedestrian to a fresh sea breeze and a breathtaking view of the harbor. On your stroll you might witness a wedding taking place, or wave to passengers as their boat pulls into the pier’s international

People of all sorts come for a peaceful walk or rest on the pier. You, too, could be ending your day in the city by taking in panoramic views of beautiful Yokohama.