Since ancient times, Ukraine was located in the center of the trade routes crossing and was at the center of all the wars and confrontations that hampered its development and prosperity. Nevertheless, this land is impregnable and go-ahead. Nowadays the natural and cultural heritage is innumerable! From natural wonders like waterfalls, canyons, lakes, caves, mountains to the splendors of engineering and person’s genius. Let us consider some of the Ukrainian legacy. Meet five breathtaking places that will never leave you indifferent.

  1. The place ranked number one is Maidan Nezalezhnosti (Independence Square) located in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, that happened to be not only the place where all revolutions, political rallies took place but also the place for annual festivities, Christmas tree and non-political movements like concerts, small open-air exhibitions, strikes. After the deplorable events of 2013-2014 – Euromaidan you will find some ramifications after those unfortunate months like lampions, flowers to commemorate the people who fell for the sake of civil rights and wish of the nation to start European Integration movement. Now it is a safe place to have a nice walk and contemplate Lach gates, Independence monument, fountains and other historically essential buildings.


  1. If you think that it is possible to indulge yourself in the turquoise water and clear sandy beaches only in Mexico or somewhere on the Virgin Islands you are wrong! Kinburn Spit is all you need to restore your forces after the hard-working week. This place is free from industry, crazy touristic places like supermarkets, malls, souvenir shops etc. You will find neither luxurious mansions there nor crowds of people. If you have been dreaming of the unity with nature this secret corner of Ukraine. It is located in the western part of the Kinburn Peninsula. The length of the beach is about 40 km (approximately 25 miles). On your way to the beach, you may encounter a diversity of species like pelicans, swans, сormorants, ducks etc. The local forests are home to deer, wolves, foxes, raccoons, martens, hares. Kinburn Spit is a terrific place for the fans to be alone with nature and find a psychological balance. Rest here for a lot of unforgettable moments close to the true primordial nature.


  1. Buky Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. It is located in a small and picturesque village of Buki, Cherkasy region. Its length is about five kilometers, and the depth in some places is up to 20 meters. The first Ukrainian HPP was built here. From which there were only ruins and the dam, which effectively drain water flows. Standing on the bridge, which connects the two banks of the canyon, one may contemplate the breathtaking At the beginning of the canyon, a waterfall rapidly descends from the granite stones.


Fans of extreme sports can try rock-climbing as well as rafting. Groups of active climbers always conquer the top of the rocks that flank Buky Canyon.

  1. The western part of Ukraine is full of architectural splendors of different centuries that preserve the feeling of antiquity. Uzhgorod Castle is the most ancient and impressive building of modern Uzhhorod. The fortress is located on a hill of volcanic origin at the junction of the mountains and lowlands. The first name of the fortress is Ungvar. The latter consists of two parts: “Ung” – a word of the Turkish origin, which means “river”, “water” and “Var”, which translated from Hungarian means “fortified place, castle, a fortress.” In the courtyard of the castle there are beautiful works of art of local iron foundry from the middle of the 19 century. The castle hosts a variety of holiday activities, often confined to the historical events. The theatrical and musical groups, masters of folk crafts attend this place, jousting tournaments are also held here.



  1. West Polesie is marked with extraordinary natural beauty.The so-called “tunnel of love” is in the village of Klevan, Ukraine, Rivne region.

In the warmer months, when the blossom is in full force leaves on the trees, green robe growing next to each other forms a fairy green tree tunnel around a kilometer section of the abandoned railway. As soon as you get there you will get to know about the legend connected with this place and the history of the railroad.


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