We recently teamed up with Groupon to bring you even more ways to save on travel adventures. To help you comb through some of the great deals, we’ve put together a list of each of our team members’ favorite deals on Groupon.

1. Cheese making class

What an awesome date night to learn how to make cheese! I’ve always wondered how hard it would be and it’s cool that you even get to a kit to make more cheese at home.
Price: $120 $55

Cheese making class groupon deal


2. Venice beach surf school: two-hour surfing lesson with surfboard and wetsuit

Whether you’re visiting Cali for the weekend or you’ve lived here your whole life, you can’t really leave without learning how to surf. It’s a year-round, quintessential CA must-do. Make it easy on yourself (and save some cash!) with a surfing lesson from the pros at Venice Beach—one of the best spots for beginners.
Price $150 $51

Surf lesson groupon deal
3. Keto meal plan subscription

Not your average meal plan – in the rise of all things meal prep, this is the ultimate kit you didn’t know you needed. Get up to 75% off this keto-friendly meal kit package!
Price: $114  $29 for six-month plan

Keto meal plan groupon deal.
4. Puzzling adventures

Because who doesn’t love scavenger hunts? Thankfully, this one is fun, super cheap and better than aimlessly walking around Target for the 1,000th time. Grab some friends for an Amazing Race-inspired scavenger hunt and explore a city while you’re at it. All you need is a smart phone and in this case, $12 bucks. Whether you’re going to a new city or staying in your own, this is so worth it.
Price:  $29.99 $11.99

Adventure groupon deal.
5. Paint Nite

Whether you consider yourself the next Picasso or haven’t touched a set of paints since finger-painting in preschool, a paint night is always a blast. Perfect for a girl’s night out (especially in cold weather!) and you’ll have a cool piece of art to show for it at the end of the evening.
Price: $70 $57 for two people

Paint nite groupon deal
6. Las Vegas ATV tour

There’s more to Vegas than just the Strip. If you’re planning a trip to Vegas anytime soon, make time to get out of the city and explore some of the desert views around you! An ATV tour is the perfect way to add on a bit of adventure to your Vegas getaway.
Price: $250 $124

Las Vegas ATV tour. Groupon deal.
7. Restaurant.com gift certificate

Treat all of your friends to a night out with this killer deal for restaurant.com. You can choose from hundreds of restaurants, and then score a gift card worth $200 for only $35. Seems too good to be true? It’s not, we promise.
Price: $200 $35

Restuarant.com gift certificate. Groupon deal.

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