Beyond Plitvice – Other National Parks in Croatia

When you think of National Parks in Croatia, everyone thinks of Plitvice National Park. It’s no questions that it is the top attraction in Croatia, however, it’s not the only national park on the block. Croatia is actually home to eight national parks, and together they make up a total of 8% of Croatia.


The 11 Must-See Amphitheatres Around the World

Rome. There is virtually no one who hasn’t heard of the glory of the Roman Empire, a civilization that conquered a vast stretch of land from Europe to North Africa. The only thing that’s as fierce as their thirst for expansion was their love for entertainment, and nearly everywhere they conquered you will find grand scale amphitheatres built to entertain the citizens of Rome that settled there. In most cases, these circular structures are the tallest and most grandeur building in the city. The enclosed, usually oval, area in the middle is called arena, the word derived from the Latin word harena, a type of fine sand they put on the ground to soak up the blood from gladiator fights on the arena floor.