Cycling In Taiwan

Cycling in taiwan is a popular activity among local tourers & tourists. Check out our list of things that you can do in this land of gorgeous natural beauty.

Taiwan is considered by many to be a cyclist’s paradise with its picturesque bike trails through the island-nation’s awe-inspiring scenery. Thanks to extensive funding in the past decade, Taiwan now boasts thousands of miles of bike roads that wrap around the 14,000 square-mile island. The country’s bike paths show off the country’s diverse topography, from plains on the Eastern Coast to Mountains that are at 3,275 altitudes. The breathtaking lush green mountains and beautiful water scenery make your biking adventures heavenly.

Taiwan is such a hot spot for biking enthusiasts that the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan has been hosting a Cycling Festival every November since 2010. The Cycling Festival is a big deal in Taiwan, and many international riders travel to Taiwan to participate. Even some famous cyclists, like Simon Clark, Tiffany Cromwell, and Stefano Pirazzi have attended this festival in the past.

No matter if you’re a seasoned or leisure cyclist; there are all different levels of organized bike rides at this Festival. There are also many family and scenery group rides that take place. Riders from all over the island can join into the festivities and round the island ride from one of the many starting points. The timing of the Festival is perfect, since there is very little rainfall during the fall season and November’s average temperature is 68 F. Some of the leisure bike rides have stops allowing bikers to explore the local culture, intermingle with other riders, and try some of the authentic cuisine.

Check out the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan to find out more.