What type of Spring Breaker are You?

Check out these different types of Spring Breakers to help you figure out what you want to do for Spring Break!

Check out these different types of Spring Breakers to help you figure out what you want to do for Spring Break!

Let StudentUniverse help you in whatever type of spring break you choose. With helpful city guides from around the world and best priced airfare, hotels, and Euro Rail tickets, this is a one-stop shop before packing your bags and jetting off.

  1. Beacher

  2. Your ideal of a good time involves sun, beach and cocktails? Hundreds of thousands of college students each year go to quintessential places like Panama City Beach, Cancun, South Padre Island, Acapulco and the Caribbean because these places cater directly to college students during spring break. You will find endless activities, nightlife, and stretches of sandy beach at any of these locations. Check with StudentUniverse for what each of these places has to offer during spring break.

  3. Adventurous

  4. Hiking, camping, white water rafting, backpacking around Europe…sound like your kind of vacation? There are so many endless possibilities for the outdoorsy, adventure-seeking type. Head over to Colorado and Utah for action packed snowboarding and mountain hiking. Or maybe you want to grab a one way ticket to Europe and start your adventure there, backpacking from country to country. Ever ride a camel in Morocco? Well you can.

  5. Relaxed

  6. Spring break, which occurs conveniently in the middle of your hectic semester, is a perfect time to enjoy the simple things and rejuvenate your body and mind. So if all you can think of is a snooze, head to a spa and hotel and relax with a few friends for the week. Indulge in massages and facials, why not? You will feel so much better equipped to tackle the rest of the semester ahead of you. Don’t have a lot of money? Not a problem! One idea is to head up the east coast. Maine and Massachusetts have some great shore side hotels and the best part is that going in the off season means a lot of these places are much less expensive. Relax on the beach and visit some of the local shops and attractions.

  7. Helpful

  8. Spring Break is a great time to do for others. Many organizations like United Way and Habitat For Humanity offer spring break options for college students to spend the week rebuilding communities that are impoverished or in areas affected by natural disasters. A lot of colleges and universities set up group trips to these places to work for the spring break, so you might want to check with your school first.