US Spring Break Destinations

Don’t have a passport? Don’t worry! StudentUniverse has gathered a the Top 7 Spring Break Party Destinations in the US, so you don’t have to miss out!

Don’t have a passport? Don’t worry! Stay right in America and see why us spring destinations get hotter and hotter every year! StudentUniverse has gathered a list of the Top 7 Spring Break Party Destinations in the US, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun. Have a look:

Regardless of where you decide to spend your Spring Break this year, remember to check out StudentUniverse’s extensive list of places to go and awesome trip ideas – which we’re sure to lead to one of the best spring break getaways you’ve ever had.

  1. Panama City Beach, Florida

  2. This golden-white beach haven is quickly replacing Daytona Beach as the top Spring Break destination in Florida.

  3. Las Vegas, Nevada

  4. Spring break just wouldn’t be Spring break without some good ol’ fashioned gambling, shopping and partying in the desert. And besides… what happens in Vegas…

  5. Miami Beach, Florida

  6. Florida’s reputation as the King of spring break still holds strong as one of the east-coast’s hottest spring break 2013 destinations. White-sand beaches that stretch on for miles, sunshine and ever-warm waters have made Florida a student favorite for Spring Break go-ers. Miami’s South Beach is catering more and more to students with cheap hostels and hotels popping up left and right.

  7. Key West, Florida

  8. This island-town gone-wild feels more like the Caribbean than Florida. It’s tropical weather, friendly locals and unique heritage have made it a fan-favorite for Spring Break 2012. As they say in Key West… “anything goes”

  9. San Juan, Puerto Rico

  10. This worry free island with crystal blue water is quickly becoming a top Spring Break destination. Best part is you can get a tropical tan without a passport

  11. San Diego, California

  12. SD’s cool, casual and laid-back atmosphere have made it a Spring Break favorite, year after year. With plenty of California sunshine, a multitude of nightlife options, entertainment and world-renowned tourist attractions, San Diego remains one of the top destinations for Spring Break.

  13. Honolulu, Hawaii

  14. Surf’s up. Learn to ride the waves as you soak up the local culture, delicious food and tropical rays. From snorkeling, to hiking the volcanoes, and amazing scuba diving, Hawaii is sure to impress. You may even want to check out our Hawaii Activities where a “Circle of Fire” helicopter tour is just the tip of the iceberg.