How to Stay Safe During Spring Break

Spring Break is a once a year extravaganza in which hoards of college students flock to cities and beaches around the world for a great time.

Spring Break is a once a year extravaganza in which hoards of college students flock to cities and beaches around the world for a great time. No matter what continent you’re on or what city you decide to go to, there will no doubt be a great party and a good time waiting for you. While most are getting their wardrobe and itinerary together, making sure reservations are in place and swimsuits are picked out, there are also some other things to consider before going on your trip.

You have probably heard of some of these already, but here’s a full list of things to keep in mind and be aware of to ensure a safe and healthy spring break trip!

  1. Buddy System

  2. Yes, it sounds a little like summer camp in the third grade. However having an appointed buddy while on spring break is the number one best safety precaution. Especially if you are traveling in a large group, this person should help to make sure you get from place to place and keep tabs on you at clubs and when drinking. This works both ways, so you should keep an eye out for them too.

  3. Contact Information

  4. Let many people know where you are going, not just those you are traveling with. This means parents and/or relatives, friends staying behind, or anyone close to you. This will be extremely helpful in the unlikely chance of an emergency. Make sure to leave behind your flight information, hotel details, other contact info for friends also on the trip, and the intended length of your trip. You can also register your spring break trip for free with the U.S. government. In the case of an emergency or natural disaster, terrorism or civil unrest, you will be more easily contacted by the government and your contacts will be notified as well.

  1. Be Inconspicuous

  2. Don’t wear your most expensive jewelry or your fanciest clothes and purses. Try not to carry too much cash in your wallet either. The less you stand out, the less likely you are to run into trouble.

  3. Do Not Leave Your Drink Unattended

  4. No matter what the circumstances, never let your drink leave your sight, or your hands. Too many times bad things can happen with strangers, or in strange situations. So better to play it safe than be sorry later.

  5. Wear a Condom

  6. You never know where you are going to end up, and sometimes alcohol and other substances can lead you to bad decisions. Just make sure you are being safe and keep a condom on you when you go out….

  7. Don't Drink and Drive

  8. No kidding, but when you’re under the influence in a foreign place, people can make bad decisions. Best bet? Just take a cab – you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

  9. Last, but not least

  10. Always know where you are and where you’re going. Whether this means taking a cab directly to your point of interest and back to your hotel or sticking a map in your back pocket. The worst mistake is venturing out (especially at night) and getting lost. You might wind up somewhere you never intended to be.