Things to Do in Barcelona

For fantastic people-watching, stroll along Barcelona’s tree-lined avenue Las Ramblas (The Rambles).

The sun-drenched, seaside city of Barcelona is a perfect Study Abroad place to be. Just watch the movie L’Auberge Espanol with English subtitles to see why: Friendly students from around the world congregate for study and fun in Barcelona. Barcelona is Spain’s second largest city (in both land area and population) and is the capital of Catalonia. It’s a major tourism destination in addition to being a student mecca. Barcelona is considered a global city due to its cultural and economic influence, as well as its popular sports (especially soccer) and music. Students describe Barcelona as fun, trendy and vibrant … When are you going? It’s possible to get cheap student airfare to Barcelona, and rail passes will whisk you to Madrid and elsewhere in Spain as well as to other exciting points in Europe.

For fantastic people-watching, stroll along Barcelona’s tree-lined avenue Las Ramblas (The Rambles). The covered market La Bouqueria on the Las Ramblas will blow your mind with what seem to be miles of fresh flowers, fruit, vegatables, and mouthwatering ready-to-eat treats. There is a wide range of stuff to do in Barcelona, like going to historic, urban, thematic and forest parks, hitting any of the city’s seven beaches, and visiting the different museums that display famous collections of Romanesque, Catalan, and Spanish art. Be sure to tour creations by the incomparably quirky avant-garde architect Antoni Gaudi, like the Casa Mila apartment house and Sagrada Familia church. Montjuic Castle and Palau Nacional are also great, and the Parc de la Cuitadella is perfect for relaxing, complete with a boating lake and a zoo. For sports enthusiasts, watching a major Spanish football (soccer) game would also be excellent, since Barcelona has one of the best football teams in the world. If you’re a golfer you definitely want to do a bit of research before you head there, because the courses are amazing. In Barcelona there are also plenty of places to go swimming, running, and cycling, and you can play tennis, too.