Budget Travel Tips for Spain

Spaniards love to celebrate and every small town hosts at least one festival a year.

Spaniards love to celebrate and every small town hosts at least one festival a year. Local tourist offices can provide information on regional events. Discount accommodations during a festival is unlikely. Try staying at a nearby town's cheap hotel, then catching a ride in for the festivities.

Grab the bull by the horns and book a cheap flight to Spain. Soak in the culture, savor the food and partake in the people's zest for celebration. Discount travel in Spain is surprisingly feasible. A little careful planning can save a budget traveler big bucks.

Whether you want to marvel at the Alhambra or sunbathe on the Costa Blanca, discount travel to Spain is cheaper than you think. Your city of entry doesn't matter as long as you can find a cheap flight to Spain. Select your tickets based on the best price available. After arrival, a budget traveler can easily catch a train to anywhere in this thriving European nation.

From December to May, skiing in Northern Spain is an exciting activity that doesn't necessarily come at an expensive price. The facilities are excellent, the conditions are good and the lift tickets are cheap. Affordable day trips can readily be booked through discount travel agents.

Hostels aren't always the least expensive accommodations when traveling in Spain. Two or more travelers can stay for the same price as a hostel at a budget hotel. There is less chance of theft, plus you can come and go as you please. Many hostels aren't open during the day. Discount travel junkies should also be aware that Spain boasts of over 800 campgrounds. If traveling during the warmer months, pitching a tent is by far the cheapest accommodations in all of Spain.

The Spanish adore snacking and there are many cheap cafes in Spain to fulfill this desire. Tortillas, the Spanish version of an omelet, make for an inexpensive meal. Budget travelers can also indulge in the infinite variety of tapas available all over the country. These saucer-shaped snacks won't break your budget and many tapas bars are open twenty-four hours.