Most popular airlines to fly to Asia

most popular airlines to fly to asia

Asia is an increasingly popular destination for students. Many airline companies around the world provide flights to and from Asia. Who are the most popular ones? This year, The World Airline Awards invited millions of passengers around the world to select the best airlines they like. Here we picked up the ones that offering flights to/from Asia for you!

Qatar Airways

This year, Qatar Airways received one of the top spots in The World Airline Awards. It’s no surprise they reached the top of the list with their extremely nice crew, impressive on-board entertainment, very comfortable seats and delicious food! In 2012 they won the "Best Business Class Meal in the World" prize. Meals for economy class are also very well-known for the unique Mid-East style.
International students who are flying between your home countries and United States mostly don't need a transit visa if you have a layover in Qatar. For example, a Chinese student going back home to China from New York and transfer in Qatar within 24 hours do not need any visa for staying in Qatar.
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Qatar Economy Class Meals:

Qatar Business Class Meals:

Qatar seats:

Transit in Qatar:

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific topped out the list as #1, receiving the "Best Airline in the World" award. They obtained very high scores in every aspect due to some of the awesome benefits you received with flying Cathay Pacific: two free checked baggage for flights to/from North and South America, authentic Asian foods, such as warm porridge in the morning and on some of their flights, they provide Haagen Dazs as desert! Almost all of their crew could speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English.
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Cathay Pacific Economy Class Meal:

Cathay Pacific seats:

Cathay Pacific airplane:

Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines also made the top 5 of the list for “Airline of the Year 2014” list from The World Airline Awards. We have come to learn that when you think Emirates Airlines, you think luxury. One of the favorite benefits for passengers is the selection you get for delicious meals (you can apply a free meal coupon if your layover in Dubai is over 4 hours). Also, Emirates will help you handle your transit visa if your airfare value is over USD$650 and within 8-24 hours. In terms of baggage, 2 pieces of free checked luggage are allowed. And if you’re up for some shopping, then you should check out the largest duty-free mall in the world in the Dubai airport! Believe or not, you don’t have to pay luxury prices to get an economy seat on one of these planes. Save big with ourstudent discounts on Emirates.

Emirates Economy Class Meal:

Emirates Business Class Meals:

Emirates seats:

Dubai Airport:

Asiana Airline

Asiana Airline is one of the six five-star airline companies in the world named by Skytrax. Your trip with Asiana will be also an fantastic experience if you enjoy Asian cuisine. Passengers will be received a "Palace" combo and natural blue mountain coffee. Passengers to/from North and South America can also check 2 bags free. In addition, Asiana Airlines is claimed to have the most comfortable seats you’ll experience.
What Chinese students would like to know is that, if you transit in Korea and hold visa of US, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, or Europe, you will be permitted to stay in the country for 30 days without applying visa.
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Asiana Economy Class Meal:

Asiana First Class Meals:

All Nippon Airways(ANA)

ANA All Nippon Airways is also one of the Top 5 airlines in the world and received the "Best meals on airplane" award by Skytrax in 2013. ANA is famous for their high service quality and equipments on airplanes. If you are a big fan of Japan culture, start experiencing from flying with ANA. Their meals are all traditional and delicate Japanese foods. The Narita airport is also one of the best airport for shopping in the world. They have excellent cosmetic and skin care products, Moccha cookies there, as well as authentic sushi restaurants! Access to the ANA student discounts here!

ANA Economy Class Meal:

ANA First Class Meals:

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