Group Travel FAQ


Group fares typically come with more flexibility. Individual fares, while sometimes less expensive than group fares, require immediate purchase. A group fare allows you to hold the space for up to 11 months in advance with just a deposit. So that you can have extra time to coordinate the trip details.

StudentUniverse does not charge a ticketing fee for our services. However, we do pass on any fees assessed by the airlines to the customer as well as service fees for certain transactions.

Airline fares are based upon the availability on each flight being quoted. Groups take up more seats of the airline’s inventory and represent a greater risk than an individual seat. An individual fare usually requires instant purchase, or purchase within a few days of making the reservation. A group fare can be reserved with just a deposit so that you can pay when you’re ready. Sometimes a group fare can be less expensive than an individual fare if it is booked far enough in advance.

Most airlines will not allow a group to pre-pay for baggage, however many carriers now offer this option via online check-in. Yay for technology!

Taxes and carrier imposed surcharges are not guaranteed. The taxes and surcharges in effect at time of final group payment will be invoiced at final payment.

With the right amount of advance notice, your dedicated account manager can rebook the group at the lower fare by cancelling your space and applying your deposit to the new flight.


We consider a group to be a minimum of 10 passengers traveling together on the same itinerary. So grab your friends, peers and even that one friend of a friend that’s kind-of a friend!

Most group fares allow some deviations, but this varies by airline. Ask your Travel Specialist for more details.

Yes, we can book both one-way and roundtrip groups! If an individual passenger only wants to travel one-way with the group, we will quote an individual fare for that person.

Yes, airlines typically allow a group to book these “open jaw” itineraries.

Free baggage allowance depends upon each airline and route traveled, not group size.

Most airlines release their schedules and allow bookings to be made 330 days in advance.

We cannot guarantee seating assignments for groups. Seating assignments are up to the discretion of the airline.

Deviations are usually allowed on group bookings, but vary by airline. Check with your Travel Specialist for more details.

Additional Info

Yes! We are happy to help with all of your travel-related requests, including travel insurance, tours, hotels and activities.

Most airlines do allow group passengers to accrue frequent flyer miles. However, accrual rates may differ from individual tickets. We recommend you check with your frequent flyer program for details on mileage accrual.

Free of charge tickets for group leaders or faculty members are according to specific airline policy. We are always happy to inquire about a free of charge ticket on your behalf. Doesn’t hurt to ask, right? Any free ticket is subject to taxes and carrier imposed surcharges.

Upgrading to Business or Premium Economy (where available) is possible, however most group fares are not eligible for upgrades using miles. Your Travel Specialist is happy to quote an upgrade supplement for your itinerary.

No! Any group of 10 or more passengers can take advantage of great group airfares with StudentUniverse.

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