Spring break is coming up but you don’t want to break the bank. We get it. Whether you’ve got barely any cash to spare or have a bit stored away from your part-time job, these cheap spring break trips will allow you to have tons of fun without draining your account. Get the whole crew together, split some of the costs (like hotel rooms!) and get ready for an amazing spring break.

Keep scrolling to see all ten cheap spring break destinations that will fit the whole group’s budget. 

1. Daytona Beach, FL 

daytona beach spring break

What could be better than spring break on the beach? It’s the perfect place to let loose and enjoy a few stress-free days without thinking about assignments or homework. The best part is that it’s one of the cheaper options for a beachy spring break in Florida. With plenty of hotels around or under $100 a night, it’s easy to split a room with a few friends and get a great deal. Fly into Orlando rather than Daytona Beach if you want to snag a cheaper flight. And then enjoy all the free things to do at the beach during your break. Getting a tan is always free!   

2. Cancun, Mexico

spring break beaches

It’s a classic spring break destination and for good reason: it’s an ideal spot for broke college students to hang out and enjoy a week in paradise without spending the entirety of your bank account. It’s super easy to find cheap hotels in Cancun—we’re talking less than $60 a night. If you’re splitting rooms with friends, you can get amazing deals. Even better, you can find reasonable flights, regardless of whether you’re flying from the West Coast or the East Coast. 

3. Grand Canyon 

grand canyon spring break

For a really cheap spring break trip, check out a National Park near you! The Grand Canyon is one that is easily accessible from many major cities in the west. Whether you’re studying in LA, Denver, El Paso, Phoenix or somewhere else, it won’t take long to pile the whole gang in the car and hit the road for the Grand Canyon. Take in the sights and the sunrises over the canyon, go for a hike and enjoy the scenic driving. Not close to the Grand Canyon? Yosemite, Glacier, Zion and Yellowstone also make for great spring break destinations. 

4. Road trip! 

spring break road trip

No matter where you go to school, a road trip is the perfect spring break idea if you wanna save some money. From National Parks to nearby cities, you can explore pretty much anything by car. Since you won’t be spending money on a plane ticket, save money by splitting gas costs with a group of friends. You can save even more by camping, splitting a cheap hotel room or staying at friends houses along the way. Download your best Spotify playlists and get ready to make some lifelong memories with one of the best cheap spring break trips.

5. Nashville, TN 

cheap spring break trips

For music-lovers, BBQ-lovers, good-food-lovers, or anyone looking for a chill break and a good time, Nashville is a great option. While hotels may be a bit more expensive than other places, it’s cheaper than other big cities. It’s the perfect place to have a city escape without paying big bucks for staying in cities like New York and Los Angeles. Plus, if you stay outside of the main downtown area, you can save a lot. Or try staying in Airbnbs to save more. If you do stay downtown, you’ll find there are several areas that you can explore on foot, saving you from transportation costs. 

6. Montreal, Canada 

montreal spring break

If you want a taste of Europe, but can’t afford a trip all the way there, try Montreal. It’s an easy getaway from New England or pretty much anywhere on the East Coast and will save you quite a bit on your flights. Plus, since the US dollar is worth a bit more than the Canadian dollar, the exchange rate works in your favor. There’s also plenty of free and cheap things to do in Montreal, including museums, festivals, cheap eats and more. Don’t forget to fill up on some poutine while you’re there!

7. New Orleans, LA 

things to do nola

For a city with some epic nightlife and plenty of delicious food, you can’t go wrong with NOLA. Aside from during Mardi Gras, New Orleans is a pretty cheap US city for travelers, with food, flights and hotels all available for a good value. Save on your hotel by staying outside of the main downtown and French Quarter. And enjoy plenty of free things to do, like brewery tours, art and live music outdoors, and exploring iconic areas like Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. 

8. London, UK

London as a cheap spring break trip? Depending on where you live, it’s definitely a possibility! From some cities on the East Coast (looking at you, Boston and New York), roundtrip tickets to London can be cheaper than some domestic flights. Grab a cheap flight and stay in a hostel or split an Airbnb with some friends and you’ve got yourself a cheap trip! Many museums and things to do in London are free or pretty cheap, so you’ll be able to do loads on a budget.

9. San Francisco, CA 

cheap spring break trips

Although San Fran has a reputation for being a super expensive city, it can be quite cheap to visit if you know where to go. It’s a cheap destination to fly into from most cities in the western half of the US. Plus, you can save on hotels by splitting rooms with friends or checking into options like Airbnb. If you stay within the city, you can walk, bike or take a cable car around to avoid having to rent a car. Enjoy lots of free activities too, like exploring Golden Gate Park, heading to the beach, seeing iconic sights like the Golden Gate Bridge and more. 

10. Portland, OR 

spring break pnw

For any west-coasters, Portland is one of the best cheap spring break trips. It’s a city that’s easy to explore by public transit, which can save you a lot. It’s known for its amazing food and beer scene, so save some money to splurge on those things. Then save by staying in a cheap Airbnb or hotel. Enjoy Portland’s many parks, farmer’s markets, and places to window-shop downtown. Need some cheap food too? The city is home to literally hundreds of food trucks, all with affordable eats. 

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